Monday, November 01, 2010

Reaching Out

I was really happy to wake up this morning and find that the weekend's protest at the shelter was successful.   I guess it's hard to gauge what is successful in terms of a protest, but some hardworking, animal loving people showed up on a busy SPCA weekend and let folks know that what's happening at Animal Control is not acceptable:  See Article Here 

When I read the article, I was disappointed that the local newspaper out there once again gave a lukewarm representation of what really happens in that shelter.  When is The Spectator going to grow some balls and take a stand?  Where are words like "outrageous" or "city embarrassment"? 

I guess if I wanted something different to happen, I should've gotten my butt out to the shelter with a sign.  Because while these people were marching and being hassled by SPCA employees, I was probably reading a book by the fire. 

I'm still moving forward with my own rescue.  I'm halfway done filling out the forms to become a registered charity.  I feel it's the most responsible thing to do first.  Many starter rescues don't do this first - they do it as an afterthought, and this rescue will really need donations fairly quickly when we're fully up and running.  Hopefully, this will confirm the legitimacy of what I'm trying to accomplish by being registered as a charity. 

In the meantime, I've been fiddling with a website which has me frustrated and swearing.  Even the "Anybody can build a website" stuff has me pulling my hair and pushing the delete button more often than not.  Every morning I wake up and try to do SOMETHING with it, but I'm finding that it's more than I want to do, and it might be time to ask for help.  I should probably just hand the job over to somebody who wants to do it and move on to doing something more productive that I actually KNOW how to do!

I'm meeting a lovely sounding mother/daughter team at the shelter tomorrow.  They want to rescue a calico.  They already have 3 rescued calicos at home - one is 19 years old.  They sound so nice and - who knows, they could end up being my first foster family some day...or have a spare million dollars to donate, right? :)

I'll wrap up this blog post with a moment of cuteness from two of my own cats "Thomas" and "Willy".  Thomas used to walk around each day to each cat in the house and dip his head with hopes that SOMEBODY would lick the top of his head.  Thomas has finally found his head-licking buddy in Willy.  Every day, I find them spooning on my bed and the top of Thomas' head is always wet.  They both have "drunk eyes" and look completely sated. 
 I feel a little sleepy just looking at them on that white fluffy blanket. 

 Happy Monday! 


Fern said...

What kind of software/service are you using to create your website? I do mine with the free service at Weebly and thus far it's the easiest one I've found, in 6+ years of creating web sites with no technical abilities whatsoever.

House of the Discarded said...

Fern: I'm looking at Weebly right now and it doesn't look too hard! I've been using GoDaddy and am ready to cry. :)

Allison at Novice Life said...

Sounds like you are off to a great start on your rescue Beth - KUDOS to you!

I am not savvy at all when it comes to websites. I had a friend who is purchase my domain name for me and then I purchased my host site from -- they have a "builder' tool for those who know nothing and it worked well for me. Trust me when I say I was clueless. Just have someone who knows purchase your domain name from a domain company...I don't recall the reasoning, but I was told it was better to do that than to purchase through your host site...and always purchase for 3 years versus 1 - it shows up more legit on google searches etc...

Caroline said...

Beth, you didn't need to be at the protest cause you're the brave one who actually steps foot in the animal control (better named "Cat Euthanasia Control). I'm glad you took time out for yourself to relax. I'm sure the cats were piled all around you trying to turn your pages or eat them!lol
As for your website why not ask your boys to help? The current young generation gets "techie stuff" alot faster! Give them rewards in return. Or what about your husband isn't he a techie?

Brandon said...

Beth I would be happy to do the website for you. I can offer you better hosting prices then godaddy and get a sight up and running quickly.

Email me or give me a call.

Luckypaws said...

Thomas and Willy are adorable! Good work starting your own rescue too :)

Anonymous said...

How quickly can a charity be registered? I was under the impression it could take years but sounds like you're on a fast track. How soon before we could start sending donations?

Supernova said...

I have a background in web design, if you need some help..

Debbie said...

Sounds like your on your way to starting your own rescue.
At least this way your not taking over someone elses mess, you get to set up the way you want.
You have made many conections over the years, that can only help.
Can't wait to hear more!!!
Hurray for you!!

Anonymous said...

Good job on starting to register your rescue as a charity!

House of the Discarded said...

Wow!!! I had no idea there were so many creative and talented people willing to help with a website!

Anonymous: It takes about 2-3 months to register as a charity. *IF* all my paperwork is correct, etc.

Cindy, Bertie, Sammy and O'Malley said...

Aaawww Thomas and Willy are adorable :-) Sammy goes to Bertie for his head licks and he in turn bestows them on him. Sammy has also started giving O'Malley head licks which confused the heck out of O'Malley at first :-) Now he'll allow it but only if Sammy will wrestle with him afterwards :-)

Needless to say, I will donate to and foster for your rescue (or anything else that needs doing but doesn't require a car) :-) You Go, Beth! :D