Wednesday, November 03, 2010

3 Ladies and An Urgent Plea

I woke up this morning to find that my blog had disappeared and a dozen emails from friends alerting me.  Three years worth of work went *poof* thanks to a hacker.  Fortunately, Blogger knew that there was unusual activity and temporarily shut it down.  Obviously, it's back up and running!  Whew!! 

I met a wonderful lady named Tracey yesterday, along with her two daughters.  They wanted to adopt a calico to add to their Calico family of 3.  She's a dog groomer by trade and lives very close to me.  Like so many people who come to the shelter for the first time, they were overwhelmed by the number of cats.  Unfortunately, the cages were already marked for euthanasia this morning which added to the anguish of choosing a cat. 

The family knew immediately that the would take "Bella":
She curled into their arms like a little calico blob and they laughed out loud as she immediately went limp like a ragdoll in relief.  Bella has a home! 

The surprise of the day was when this family fell in love with a 1 year old rowdy orange and white guy.  I couldn't find his picture of the shelter Petfinder site, but he was a riot!  He licked their faces like a dog and there was NO WAY he was going back into that cage.  He had a home too!

I was excited to hear that they wanted to foster!  Unfortunately, since my rescue isn't ready yet, I referred them to another rescue.  Whomever they foster with will be fortunate - they're awesome!


As I mentioned, the cages were already marked for euthanasia.  It's always horrifying, because the cats have no idea this will be there last night alive.  I held and kissed some of them before sadly putting them back.  Maybe for some, it's the only time they experienced somebody loving them.  Very painful for me.  I stopped when I came across a big, sweet, fluffy orange and white boy named "Spritzer".  His cage was marked for euthanasia.  I held him and he purr'd and purr'd.  The vet tech told me that he needs some dental work and he's about 6-7 years old.  She didn't think anybody would want to rescue him because of the cost of dental.  (I can certainly understand why she'd feel that way!)

They took him off the euthanasia list this morning as a favour to me.  They have given me until THIS Friday to find placement for Spritzer.  He's absolutely adorable and purrs the moment you pick him up.  He will need to have two teeth removed.  He's already been neutered and I kissed his little fluffy face until his fur was stuck in my lipstick. 

I'm hopeful that somebody can come forward to save Spritzer's life.  He will die Friday morning before the shelter opens.  So he really only has today and Thursday. 

Spritzer wants to live and he wants to be loved.  Don't we all?


Deb said...

Good thoughts going out for Spritzer. I just know someone out there is listening. Hugs, Deb =^..^=x5

Cindy said...

Oh poor spritzer! I can't foster him myself but I'm more than happy to donate (to whichever rescue that takes him) towards his dental work.

Cindy ( + Bertie, Sammy and O'Malley)

p.s Glad your blog is back!

Anonymous said...

Do you think someone from your old rescue could be responsible for hacking into your blog? Bad feelings run deep. Glad you're up and running again, I was beginning to worry.

Anonymous said...

I, too will donate to his dental work. I can't be crazy-generous, but I've got $50 I can put towards him if someone takes him in - rescue or adoption. He reminds me of my old Weizak boy.


AFSS said...

We are purring someone will step forward and save Spritzer. Purrs to those who will & can donate toward his dental bill.

Anonymous said...

Do any of you even know what hacking is??? I get the impression you think it is like they show it in the movies... it's not. It was probably just someone doing something to blogspot, not this blog in particular.

Debbie said...

Just to let everyone know, Spritzer is being rescued by our group. We are taking him hopefully Thurs or Fri at the latest. He will get the dental he needs and be well cared for until he gets his "forever" home.

Anonymous said...

Debbie, that's wonderful! Do you have a "Canada Helps" link, or an address I can send my promised contribution to?


cindy said...

Debbie that is fantastic news! Who/what is your group and where can I send the donation towards his dental work?


jingjing said...

I guess if u made a video of how these cats looked genuinely relief and happy when they are fist hug by their adopters, I will probably cry at viewing it :)