Tuesday, November 09, 2010

From the Nursery

It was a VERY happy rescue day for the two kittens that I wrote about yesterday. I posted an urgent plea for them, and Lisa came forward to rescue the 4 week old white angel.

I met Lisa at a local Tim Horton's/Wendy's (where else?)this morning. Watching Lisa's face as she pulled that fluffy little white baby out of the cat carrier was too cute! Seriously...It was like watching a child open the best Christmas present ever. :) Lisa took the baby to the vet at her own expense and sent me an updated email:

"Eyes cleaned, bottle feed 10 cc kitten milk replacer and 9 cc watered down A/D via syringe and she PIGGED it down. I pottied her and she peed and peed and peed and then peed some more. Vet says she looks solid and it was ok to use the antibiotic eye ointment on her, so I did. She is now kicked back and sleeping in the bathtub on a blanket.

She is so adorable...and LOUD!" lol

I was really sweating out rescuing the Tortie baby this morning. The rescue that I had hoped would accept her into their program turned down the foster parent's request to take her. So for a few hours, I sat on pins and needles until I received an email from Emily offering to give her a 2 week quarantine period (at her expense) so that the rescue would feel more confident in her health to take her into their program. PERFECT!

The 6 week old Tortie is a pitiful looking little thing. I decided to take her to my own vet before going to Emily's house tonight. Dr. S was hesitant to say that she had been abused, but I could see it in his face - there was no other possible explanation for her condition.

Her ears are heavily scarred from *something*. I was initially afraid they were hematomas but the ears had healed and were left with scar tissue. Her tiny little head had a HUGE scar down the middle of it. Her upper lip was also scarred - we thought it might be a cleft pallet, but gratefully that wasn't the case. It also appeared that somebody had shaved her or used a marker to write on her, but it was really hard to tell.

Basically, Dr. S dewormed her and said she was as healthy as could be!

I've spent a good portion of the afternoon kissing on her and playing with her. I named her "Pansy". She's like a little Wolverine - biting, growling, running, playing, climbing up my leg. I took a video of her today, but Youtube is obviously having some technical difficulties today. I'll try to post it later if it becomes available.

I'm crossing my fingers that these babies stay healthy.  There are quite a few people with their hearts out on a limb for these two - including my own. 


House of Mystery said...

No being, should suffer abuse.. especially as a baby. The person/persons abusing should suffer... Karma can be a (Aint sayin it -grin-)

Caroline said...

What great news for the 2 babies! Thanks to Beth and the foster moms. I wish I could have taken the tortie she would have been lots of fun.

Brian said...

I sure do hope they stay healthy too, I shall send them my best purrs!

Sparkle said...

I am so happy these two got out! I had a sneaking suspicion that the tortie kitten had been abused, so I am double glad she has been saved.

selkie said...

whew... I was almost afraid to look yesterday - the little tortie tore at my heartstrings ... poor wee thing - how did the shelter end up with her in the first place (i.e. did those sobs that HURT her actually drop her off??) - so she has a two-week placement then? and is safe? People are good, they are ... I have to keep reminding myself when you hear about things like abusing an innocent baby kitten.