Thursday, November 18, 2010

Blind Faith and an Urgent Plea

It feels like every day I take some kind of leap of faith towards opening my rescue within the next month and a half.  Some days are harder than others to take that leap. 

Any type of animal rescue has it's good days and bad days.  I've stayed in touch with many foster homes from the former rescue and have enjoyed their stories of their new cats saved and adjustment periods.  Sometimes the stories they tell are reminders of the not-so-great part about running a rescue.  Those are the stories that leave me in a state of anxiety.  But I keep pushing forward...

Today, I rented a postal box in my neighbourhood.  Oddly enough, the owner of the UPS store is involved with Ferret Rescue and told me there are two dog rescues that use the postal boxes.  Then she offered 3 months for free if I paid for 1 year up front.  Maybe it was a sign :)

Sooo my new address:

Forever Home Cat Rescue
115 George St.  Box #438
Oakville,  ON  L6J0A2


Kim called me yesterday and asked me for help with a TINY kitten - about 4 weeks old.  He came into the shelter alone - no Mommy:
This little guy needs to get out of there.  He's alone with nobody to love him or make sure that he's eating properly.  He must wonder what happened to his siblings and his Mommy.   If you can help him, please let me know.  I'm naming him "Sheldon". 


Erika said...

Beth I shall send your christmas donation to the new potal address. I wish that I could help you out with this little guy too but no can do ugh. Just wait til I get my own place again. He looks just like Jack did when he was a kitten.

Anonymous said...

I am willing to donate food and litter to someone to get this wee one out of there and started on his new life! Plse email Beth and she will let me know.