Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cute Overload

If you didn't have enough "cute" for the day, I received the following video of our latest little additions to our rescue.  They were born on March 21st and rescued on March 24th :

The foster Mom did a GREAT job with this video! Won't that be a treat for the adopters? Many of us never got to actually see our cats when they were newborn. :)  I figured when one of them is an adult, and pee's in the laundry basket, his new family can be reminded how cute he was and forgive him. 
We had another foster home who does mini-scrapbooks of each foster cat from the time they arrive in every cute possible pose.  It's such a thoughtful idea.  I wish I had time to do that.  I'm just happy when I get can get some decent pictures on the site.

Today was an admin day for me and I accomplished quite a bit.  It's tough to sit down for any length of time, but I was surprised how much I could do in 15 minutes here and 15 minutes there. 

We had one cat returned to us post-adoption yesterday.  Cute little "Corduroy" was returned because the resident cat couldn't get used to his presence.  It's sad, but we're happy to have him back and will find him the right home. 

I've already watched the kitten video - 3 times.  Sometimes I need to be reminded why I do what I do. 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Four Reasons to NOT Cook Dinner Tonight

There are 4 reasons why I'm not cooking dinner tonight. 

Celebrating the rescue of "Kyra" the 12 year old girl who was abandoned by her owners because she liked to sleep on the son's head.  (Obviously, these people don't have doors in the house):

Kyra went to an AWESOME Forever Home with a retired lady!

Reason #2 and 3 for NOT cooking dinner tonight - another celebration!

These two cats 12 are 10 years old. They were abandoned at the shelter yesterday because their owner was moving to Montreal. (I didn't know Montreal had a ban on cats!) They went to a Forever Home today by the daughter of the lady who is adopting Kyra!

THREE mid-life cats who had NO chance at the shelter found a new life. It doesn't get much better for me.

Reason #4 that I'm not cooking tonight:  I  rescued a 5 month old little girl that I renamed "Snow White":
I was going to name her "Dirty Snowball", but I figured that wouldn't get the phone ringing very much.

OK...I admit that ALL 4 reasons are pretty lame for not cooking dinner tonight, but I'm really reaching here because my tailbone and back hurts.  Usually, injuries are only good for 5 days of special treatment around here before they want life back to normal. 

I wish every rescue day could feel as good as this one.  I'm going to enjoy every minute of it!

Monday, March 28, 2011

The Monday Blues

Why do I feel so guilty that I'm hobbling around the house like a 90 year old lady?  I'm still managing to do all the things that I normally do albeit slower.  The emails of sympathy and other stories of broken tailbones have been coming in to make me feel less embarrassed that I'm so clumsy.  I had a friend that told everybody she knew that broke her leg skiing.  The truth?  She slipped in a pile of vomit in a grocery store parking lot. 

Suddenly, I'm feeling less embarrassed. 

Today was the first Monday in quite some time that I didn't go to the shelter.  Unfortunately, I've had quite a few foster homes wanting to take a break lately, so I'm trying to assess where cats are going etc so that I don't end up juggling too much at once. 

There was a mix up at one of our veterinary offices.  I thought I had a small CREDIT balance when in fact I owe $3000.00.  I guess "mix up" is an understatement, and I feel sick to my stomach.  We have the money to pay the bill, but that took most of my "kitten season" cushion.  We'll be ok - but fundraising has to become paramount - and quickly.  It's politically incorrect to say that animal rescue is a "business". I'm sure there are many who would disagree with me, but if you've ever worked the admin on a rescue, you'd know without a doubt that this IS a business.

The hard part is knowing when to hang up your business hat and become a rescuer again.  :)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Killer Staircase (and Me)

If you've befriended me on Facebook, you already know that I fell down my staircase this morning and broke my tailbone and sprained my back.  Nothing makes you feel more vulnerable than falling down the stairs.  Until today, I hadn't  had the wind knocked out of me since I was 5 years old.  Crap, that's SO scary!   I can't even blame the mishap on tripping over cats.  It was just clumsy ol' me in my barefeet and robe. 

Maybe this means I'm off "litterbox duty" for a while!

We recently featured a Bengal X for adoption named "Arthur".  Nothing brings out the adoption calls more than putting up a semi-purebred cat on the site.  It gave me an opportunity to screen multiple people in one day for the same cat.  I only found 2 adopters that I felt were "Arthur worthy".  Anyhoooo...the large number of potential adopters had me thinking about some of the questions people asked over the past few days when being interviewed to adopt Arthur. 

1. Does he scratch the furniture?  "That's a tough question.  Yes, he'll scratch the furniture unless you provide a scratching post and teach him to use it!!"

2.  Will he wake me up in the morning?  "Is this REALLY a problem?"

3.  Does he shed?  "Lord, how I *hate* that question!"

4.  Can I teach him to not jump up on my couch?  "REALLY???????"

Ahhh...I should know better than to post stuff like this.  I really open myself up for criticism. 

The weekend is here and the adoption line is starting to ring this afternoon.  I'm hopeful for a good adoption weekend!  I get the feeling there are quite a few folks that are waiting for official kitten season before they adopt.  I'm not getting as many calls on my little older kittens as I think I should be. 

To end today's post, I'm sure you'll appreciate the following picture of me laid out on the couch with my ancient cat "Pella"  perched on my chest: (NO...I did NOT take the picture!)

My back was killing me, but do you think I'd move Pella?  Nawwwwww..... :)

Happy Friday!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Desperation X 2

Whenever I go to the shelter before a "Vet day", I feel a little more desperate than I would any other day.  If I meet with a foster parent who feels the same desperation to rescue the day before they're euthanized, we end up with a  10 newly rescued cats.

Six of them are riiiiight here:

Hearing us coo'ing and ooo'ing over this little family cracks me up. It must've been "estrogen central" in that room. Who can resist? Well - we couldn't.  It felt good to rescue this little family. It's going to be a lot of work, but the foster Mom knows and accepted the risks. Sometimes "accepting the risks" are easier said than done.

I also rescued an ADORABLE little Persian for North Toronto Cat Rescue, and two more older kittens for my own rescue.  Both of the older kittens were "melt in your arms" kind of guys.  We couldn't choose, so Sabrina took both of them.  Her partner must hate me;  Mom and 5 kittens, a 9 month old kitten, and a 5 month old kitten.  "Merry Christmas!" 

I offered to loan her the French Maid outfit, but she declined.  :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Charleston's Getting a Brother!

I'm not sure where my head is when it comes to rescue.  We're having an ENORMOUS Spring Blizzard here in the Toronto area and I'm out delivering a newly rescued cat, like it's a beautiful spring day.  One highway was completely shut down due to an accident, but I took side streets.  As I'm driving, it occurs to me how stupid this really is.  I can imagine my eulogy would be peppered with sentiments like, "At least she died doing something she loved..."  Good grief. 

Tomorrow's weather should be better, so I'm going to the shelter to meet foster parents and rescue a cute guy named "Joseph" who will be going to his Forever Home right away.

The cool part of this story is that this man adopted Charleston from me last year at this time. So it looks like Charleston is getting a brother!

 I'm hoping that the weather cooperates tomorrow.  David is playing Bridge tomorrow evening, so maybe I'll drive into the city and deliver Joseph myself!  It would be nice to meet the man responsible for saving two cats from the shelter. 

I'm still playing nurse to an (almost) 20 year old son post wisdom teeth extraction.  His room is littered with bloody kleenex's, empty pudding cups, and one of my favourite pieces of Tupperware that he's using to "spit".  This is day #3, and he's go grumpy now, that I'm to the point where I'm standing at his bedroom door throwing in ice packs and Percocets.  I reminded him that when he was born, I came home from the hospital and cooked dinner.  Men.  Honestly. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A "Grey" Day

When the vet's office called this afternoon, I had my mind on so many different things at that moment, that I was momentarily speechless when he said, "I have some bad news..." 

Our Beasley passed away this afternoon during the recovery period after his long awaited ear surgery.

Just typing that sentence makes my eyes well with tears.  Once again, I had to call a loving foster parent and tell them about the death of their beloved foster cat.  The vet doesn't really know what happened.  His bloodwork was stellar and he did GREAT during the surgery.  But he crashed during the recovery and they couldn't revive him despite working on him for more than an hour. 
Our hearts are broken.  You were loved by all of us, Beasley. 

I went to the shelter this morning despite all instincts to stay at home with my son.  His surgery for his wisdom teeth didn't go well and he ended up with some MAJOR nerve pain.  Poor kid - last week it was kidney stones.  But he is almost 20 years old and I *do* have a cell phone.  I ended up rescuing a very very cute grey girl:

As usual, the shelter pictures only show how completely terrified they are when they arrive.  This little girl is about 7 months old and adorable.  She started shaking when I held her and purring at the same time. 

I couldn't  help but notice that we lost one grey cat and saved the life of another grey cat today.  Coincidence?  It depends on who you ask. 

Monday, March 21, 2011

Orange and White

I was at the shelter pretty close to opening at 9:00 a.m this morning.  I was anticipating a busy afternoon as my son was to have his wisdom teeth out at noon today.   No rest for the weary. 

Fortunately for the cats, I met an awesome volunteer driver at the shelter who drove 2 adorable white cats to North Toronto Cat Rescue, and has offered to keep a very handsome Scottie in her washroom for me:
Scottie has a little shelter cold, so couldn't be neutered, so this angel from heaven offered to keep him in her washroom until he was well enough to be neutered and placed in a foster home. 

I also rescued "Eddie"who is insanely cute with a squirrel-like plume for a tail:
The best rescue was rescuing a very handsome big-headed Tom named "King Tut".  Tut is going to a different rescue, but I brought him to the vets for them.  He was a shelter favourite for 2 months.  LOVE this boy and was so happy he's out of there.  Whomever gets to foster him will be fortunate indeed.

I'm trying to keep this blog post light, as I'm periodically being summoned by the "patient" sans 4 wisdom teeth.  The moaning, the groaning coming from upstairs would make most people believe that a woman was giving birth up there - sideways. 

Friday, March 18, 2011

Fresh Ones!

The pictures have come in of the new little family that was born yesterday.  Turns out we ended up with FIVE little ones....the first for my new rescue.  They were born on St. Patrick's Day, so I think Irish names should be appropriate when we can figure out what sex they are:
That little Tabby just about KILLS me....I could kiss that little face....Mwwwwwwwah!

Then..last but not least:

It's definitely not kitten season yet, but it's getting closer.  The arrival of these babies is just the beginning.  We have another pregnant Mom waiting to give birth, so there may be more maternity pictures coming soon!

I'm looking forward to the weekend with hope that the adoptions keep going strong.  Regardless, I've got a volunteer helping with the adoption line and emails so that I can walk away from it this weekend.  I'll be home, but maybe not feeling so glued to my desk.  David took the day off today, so my usual routine is all messed up.  Why does the presence of one man cause so much fuss around the house?  He's going to retire soon and I'm trying to mentally prepare..."Don't kill my husband...Don't kill my husband.." :)

I wish every day could be just like this one.... :)  Happy Friday!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

From The Maternity Ward

Holy Guacamole! (Does anybody say that anymore?)  It's been an awesome couple days for rescues and adoptions.  I've spent the better part of yesterday helping coordinate the rescue of 5 cats for a local Humane Society.  Thanks to a wonderful volunteer driver and the humane society, we were able to rescue all 5 of these cats. 

I think I surprise people when they find out that I'm helping other rescues.  Why wouldn't I?  It's not about me - it's about the cats.  I won't take time away from my own rescue, but if I'm at the shelter and I'm available, why wouldn't I help?   I think rescues get mucked up in politics and forget about the cats sometimes. 

Today, a new foster Mom (Karen) went to the shelter to rescue a pregnant Mom cat:
By the time we arrived, she was in the middle of delivering her 2nd kitten...we looked on in awe as nature took it's course despite the difficult circumstances.  Nobody should have to give birth on a sheet of newspaper - poor baby.  By the time we loaded up the other cats, the 3rd kitten was born.  With the help of a kind shelter staff member, we loaded up Mom in a large carrier and her babies and headed down the highway.  We could hear tiny little mew..mew and wondered if more had been born in the car!  My maternal instincts were in full force and I suddenly had the urge to do LaMaze.  Breeeeathe.....

 Number 4 kitten was born safely at Karen's house, and I think Karen is already in love with the little family.

Our adoptions are going really well (hope I didn't jinx it), and was awestruck when I found the following "Before" picture of "Sawyer" in my pictures folder:
...and his amazing transformation:

Sawyer is going to his Forever Home tonight.  The couple sound fabulous!  They're talking about adopting a 2nd cat, and I'm hoping that they're happy with the adoption process and will come back to me when they're ready for cat #2. 

I think I'll go to bed tonight and feel like I've really accomplished something today.  I hope the people that helped me feel the same way. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Back at It

The weekend definitely took some wind out of my sails, but I was back at the shelter today to do a rescue.  Five more souls left that place today.  It felt good to walk out of there with a carload.

I couldn't walk away from a special needs calico kitten we named "Daisy":
She's about 16 weeks old and obviously blind.  The vet thinks that she might have some vision, but it's unknown how much.  I had planned on rescuing her today and was absolutely sick to my stomach when I saw that she had been marked for euthanasia this morning, but taken off the list at the last minute.  Shit - I had forgotten to tell anyone that I was coming for her.  She was almost "executed" and I was the Governor. 
Thank heavens she's safe.  I kissed her a million times.  I hope she can forgive me. 

The vet said he could hardly hear her heart beating because she was purring so loud.  I think I've been forgiven.

I rescued her and two other rowdy little teenager types for a foster Mom that loves the hooligans - "Armen" was one of the fortunate boys out of there today.  I think we should call him Captain Marvel.  (or not?)

The foster Mom that lost "Bella" over the weekend (5 month old pregnant with 8 kittens) was back in the saddle today as we travelled to the shelter together.  Understandably, some of the wind was out of her sails too.  But she was back at the shelter to rescue again (bless her heart) and desperately tried to fill the void that little Bella had filled.  It was a tough act to follow, but she left with "Pebbles":

Needless to say, some of my earlier cockiness is gone.  I've been doing this long enough to know that where ever there is bad news - good news isn't far behind. 

Certainly the "Good news" started with the five that were rescued this morning.  Amen to that.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Limb Broke - With Me On It

Note:  This is a blog post from an exhausted animal rescuer.  If you're squeamish about profanity or easily offended, please don't read any further...

I don't know where to start.  Last week was awful, so was really looking forward to the "rescue rollercoaster" coasting for a little bit this weekend..just a little bit, damn it.

Instead, our beautiful kitten "Cohen" died on Friday night from something unknown and I understandably had a grieving foster Mom on Saturday morning.  I never get used to consoling foster parents.  Hearing them cry...It hurts so much as I know how they feel.  Having to make "the call"...their cheery voice answering the phone with an excited  and hopeful "HELLO?"  My voice sounding sad, and hopeless,  "I don't have good news..."

I wonder how many of these calls I've made over the years?  Saturday was a banner shit day and continued...

We rescued a darling 5 month old kitten named "Bella" last week.  Her foster Mom contacted me on Saturday to say that Bella wasn't doing well.  It sounded like URI to me.  No biggie.  Been there. Done that.  But Bella's foster Mom said something was different, and I decided to go with her intuition and get the kitten into the vets.  Twelve minutes later, the foster Mom calls me back.  She found a dead fetus on the floor.  How is that possible?  Five months old...

...the story continues... the vet performed an emergency cesarean section and finds another fetus stuck in the birth canal, and SIX more kittens in the womb.  That 5 month old kitten was carrying EIGHT kittens. 

...She died this morning.  Twenty four hours after her cesarean section - she joined her 8 kittens. 

F*ck the people that didn't care enough to get her spayed.

I rescued 2 cats for a new foster family on Wednesday.  By yesterday morning, they decided they "couldn't handle it" and wanted me to pick them up.  One cat was sick with URI, so I'm syringe feeding her until she can go to the vets on Monday.  The other I drove into Toronto tonight to meet with an emergency foster home.

I thought I explain everything.  Upper Respiratory Infections...pills...running noses.. drooling...

We have one cat at the vet with probable fatty liver.  He hasn't eaten on his own in a week, so I think I'll bring him home with me tomorrow to continue the medical care and take the newly sick girl in for a trade tomorrow.

I feel really alone.  David isn't happy with me since I spent all weekend on the phone with various emergencies.  He said he was tired and annoyed of hearing "one sided conversations".  Our Saturday date night was filled with phone calls from terrified foster parents and veterinary offices while I struggled to make small talk with David over antipasto at our favourite Italian place.  My eyes and lips kept telling him that I was sorry.  He understood.  Certainly he knew who I was when he married me. 

The emergencies were real and I wouldn't want people to NOT call me.  It's what I do.  It's what I signed up for when I started this rescue.  It's just a drag that it all happened in one eff'ing 2 day period. I don't want anyone to EVER feel badly about calling me with a problem or concern.

The REALLY sad part?  We had FIVE adoptions this weekend and I've been too busy and stressed to wallow in the glory.  Five little souls went to their Forever Homes thanks to loving foster parents who cared enough to save their lives.

Thanks for listening to me wallow in my own self pity. I feel better typing it all out. In fact, I feel much better and capable of looking towards tomorrow.  I'll face whatever happens - I'll be ok.  We'll all be OK.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday, How I Love Thee I'm SO happy to see you!   David and I got into bed last night with an "old persons groan".  We looked at each other and laughed, remembering what kind of week we had been having.  Have we reached the age where we make "old people's groans" when we get into bed? 

I'm not sure why I'm happy for Friday.  My job is 7 days per week and doesn't really have an end to it, but it still feels festive just the same.  I'm starting to fall into a regular routine of follow up adoption calls, foster home follow ups, and veterinary follow ups.  We have quite a few pending adoptions and adoption visits for the weekend, so I'm hoping for a great adoption weekend.

We heart is with the 3 cats we currently have at the vets right now.  One is a kitten that is not doing all that great, and is worrying all of us.  His foster Mom was up every two hours syringe feeding him and rushed him to the vets this morning.  Her great nursing care will probably be what saves his life.  These little guys can fail so quickly. 

I was contacted by a local pet food store to have an adoption event in April.  Those can be VERY fun and I'm really looking forward to it.  I believe in classy events, so will need to buy some new cages and tables.  Fortunately, I've kept a few of those "kitty blankies" that volunteers have made to put at the bottom of the cages just for these events. 

Tomorrow, I'm meeting a new foster Mom at the shelter.  I've been meeting quite a few new people at the shelter lately, and as always, it forces me to look at the plight of these animals with new eyes and perspective.  With this new perspective, brings back the pain of when I first walked into the shelter building.  I almost can't bear to think about it or relive it - At least not today.

Right now, there are two cats who are spending their last night in a shelter cage because somebody came forward and opened their home to help them.  I'll go to bed tonight thinking about that and wonder who will be the fortunate ones tomorrow?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Limb - Out On It

I didn't realize how busy I have been until yesterday when a trip to the emergency room with my son forced me to sit down for 6 hours without a cell phone.  My son's OK (kidney stones), but I'm so far behind in my rescue work and my work at home. 

I went to the shelter today and rescued FIVE cats!  Two Himalayans for another rescue, and three for my own rescue.  I didn't plan on rescuing five cats today.  In fact, I went into the shelter to rescue two cats, but received a "go ahead" call from North Toronto Cat Rescue about the Himalayans and then...

...there was "Argo":
Argo is a neutered declawed guy that I've talked about before in this blog.  He ended up with an awful upper respiratory infection, so the shelter put him on antibiotics.  Poor Argo became more and more depressed about being in the shelter, and gave up.  Kim and I walked by his cage his morning and she said, "He's going to be euthanized tomorrow, Beth". 

Shit.  I don't have a foster home for Argo, but I couldn't let him die.  Not like that. 

Argo is at the vets getting some better medications and fluids.  Funny thing is - he doesn't look that sick!  He looked elated to be out of the shelter.  They gave him a fluffy towel to sleep on at the vets and he was already perky.  Now where to put Argo....? 

The other two I rescued today are a very sweet pair of "Siblings":
Ginger and Emma went to a new foster home today.  These foster parents contacted me after their beloved 18 year old Maine Coon passed away.  They were still in the grieving process, but unselfishly wanted to help two cats in need.  Ginger and Emma were abandoned at the shelter after their owner died.  I think they all needed each other.  When I brought them to the foster parents' house today, I watched the foster Moms eyes well with happy tears when they came out of their carriers. 

This is going to be good.  This is going to be very good. 

At first I was hesitant to give them a bonded pair.  They could only commit to fostering for 6 months and I'm nervous that if these guys aren't adopted - what will I do? 

I had a request to move a cat to a new foster home last night too.  Fortunately, the space miraculously appeared for this cat, but what if it hadn't? 

Tonight, I feel like I'm out on a limb.  Since I'm an anal planner and organizer, I don't do well on the limb.  I want things in their place, I want people happy and I want it now.  :)  I'm feeling a tad vulnerable and things aren't quite as organized as I would like them to be.   Sure, I'm out on the limb, but what rescue isn't?

Then I get a before and after picture of my "Big Mac"....frightened, matted, dirty and alone...

He was out on a limb...

 I guess I should stop typing now.  :)

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Juggling and Scrambling

Lately, it feels like I've been doing the ol' rescue "juggling act".  Rescues, sick cats, lots of phone calls, and paying bills.  These things are the norm in rescue, but when you add me being so sick, a sick son and multiple doctor appointments, it feels like I've been scrambling and juggling for the past couple of weeks.

I'm not complaining.  Really, I'm not.  I just received an application for our 35th foster parent, and met our 34th foster parent at the shelter today to rescue "Celeste":
Based on the cage cards, Celeste had been at the shelter the longest.  Through no fault of her own, she had accidently scratched the vet tech at the shelter and ended up serving 10 days in quarantine.  During that time, one of the staff members was looking for her and wanted to adopt her.  When they didn't see her in the usual spot, they assumed she had been euthanized, and adopted somebody else. 

Poor Celeste.  She really got the raw end of the shelter "experience". 

As usual, there's so many sweet cats at the shelter right now.  There's one guy named "Argo" that I would LOVE to rescue.  He has awful URI and needs some nursing care to get him through it.  He's definitely not going to get better in a shelter cage.  I was really glad to see his cute tabby face today when I walked into the shelter.  It was a "vet day" today, so you never know who's going to surivive.

I'm cooking dinner tonight for the first night in a week.  Pizza boxes and take out menus seem to line my kitchen counters lately.  It's time to shake off the dust and reorganize. 

I am woman.  Hear me roar. (meow.)

Monday, March 07, 2011


Back in the rescue saddle after a blissful romantic weekend in New York City.  I don't know what I did to deserve such an amazing man, but I sure hit the jackpot.  We had a few rescues while I was away, and quite a few adoption phone calls.  Sadly, all the adoption meetings are taking place this week, so we didn't have any adoptions while I was out of town.

This post isn't about my weekend or updates.  It's about a very sweet grey cat named "Beasley".  Beasley caught my eye at the shelter because he was too big for a regular cage so they put him in a maternity cage.  Beasley had been declawed and was incredibly sweet.  I loved him, so couldn't wait to sing his praises to another foster Mom.  Fortunately for Beasley, he hit the "Foster Home Jackpot" and went home with Dori that evening. 

From a rescue standpoint, I don't mind spending money on a cat that needs it.  Sometimes I encourage the KNOWN sad medical cases, but at least I'm financially prepared.  But with Beasley, I was really unprepared for the diagnosis.

When we rescued Beasley, I knew that he might need some dental work.  Hell, he's a 5-6 year old cat so that comes with the territory.  It looked like Beasley had an ear infection or ear mites too.  No problem - we'll fix him right up...right? 


Beasley's ear was so badly infected that he requires expensive surgery.  The poor guy has no doubt been in excruciating pain for YEARS and nobody has bothered to take him to the vets.  How did he live like this for so long??  His surgery is going to be more than $600.00, BEFORE the dental. 

Poor, poor Beasley.  I can still see him sitting in that maternity cage with his feet tucked under him sitting on one of the homemade knitted blankies.  I had NO idea he had been in so much pain.  His foster Mom tells me when she went to pick him up that he wrapped his front paws around her neck and started kneading.  Bless his little heart.

Of course, Beasley will have his surgery.  The vet said the hideous infection needs to clear up first.  This surgery really cuts into my savings for kitten season, but once a cat is in our care, we do what needs to be done.   I just hate surprises like this.  It's so hard to plan for this stuff.

But look at Beasley's could we not want the VERY best for him??

Friday, March 04, 2011

A New York Kind of Day

This morning, I'm leaving for New York City for the weekend.  It's David's birthday and he's taking ME for a little shopping and theatre.  I wrote on my Facebook page this morning that I really hit the "marriage jackpot", and I can only say that's probably an understatement. 

I love that I can actually leave for a weekend and know that the rescue will continue to function well - emails, phones, adoption calls will all be well taken care of.  In fact, we're rescuing my favourite big girl today - "Boo"
Boo was left at the shelter due to a family member's allergies.  They left her toys, her expensive food, and she was obviously very loved.  I wonder what made them not try to rehome her themselves?  Leaving her in a high-kill shelter seemed so desperate.  Maybe they didn't know better.  Regardless, I've been losing sleep over this love-muffin and can hardly wait to know she's safe.
Last week we rescued "Tallulah":
What a pitiful little soul, eh?  I thought she had the sweetest "after" picture:

What a difference!  She's happy and confident, the way a dilute Tortie should be! 

I'm hesitating to bring out the suitcase.  Some of the cats get really excited to have something to perch in and on, but the older cats get that wide-eyed worried look, "Holy crap!  They're leaving!  Remind that teenager that snack time is promptly at 9 pm!!!"

For two and a half days, I'm going to try NOT to worry about it.  Fat chance of that, but I'll fake it through and make secret status update phone calls while David's in the washroom.  We have an agreement that we won't make outgoing business calls while we're away on these romantic weekends.  I wonder how many HE makes while *I'm* in the washroom??

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Good For the Soul

It was a great birthday yesterday despite the fact that I turned 49.  Geez.  49 years old.   

I went to the shelter this morning and rescued the little pregnant Mom cats!  We found a driver and it was a great rescue day.  Many thank you's to those who contacted me and offered to make the trek to the shelter and deliver the cats.  Believe me - I'm going to be calling you over the next few weeks for help!

That little orange girl is ready to *pop* glad that they're safe.  This same rescue offered to take another pregnant girl, but she was euthanized yesterday.  God, how I hate when that happens and I have to tell the rescue that the cat that they wanted to save is now dead. 

I also rescued this handsome redhead for my own rescue:
He's an 8 month old love sponge and not doing well in a shelter cage.  He's got a foster home and he's at the vet being neutered as I type.  I've decided to name him "Dylan"...somehow it suits him and I think he approves.

Somebody asked me recently how my latest little foster "Max" is doing:

Max has turned into the sweetest little lovechop!  (Yes, I know I always say that!)  He's my little computer buddy and is never too far away from me.  As in the picture, he sits in my computer chair and I've almost squashed him several times.  It's funny how the foster cats quickly get used to the family routine.  I can sing my little dinner song (don't ask!) and he comes running, and meowing like the rest. 
I'm still sick but at least feel like I'm accomplishing something.  Certainly, I'm not as grumpy as I was yesterday.  Maybe there's hope for my recovery afterall! 

Besides, it's hard to be grumpy when you're looking at these sweet little furry faces...that'll heal anything!

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

From The Sick Ward - Part Deux

It's exciting when I hear from a foster home that we have another adoption!   March 1st.  Adoption.  *check*  We've been getting regular adoption inquiries, and adoptions now.  I don't want to say they are "predictable", but.....I feel good about what's going on.

This afternoon, I had an adopter who has had a cat for A MONTH want to return her.  We try to do our best to screen adopters, but folks can't seem to understand that this is NOT Sears, and you can't return a cat because she's meowing.  I'm pretty good at troubleshooting, but I need to do this when I'm in a charitable mood and not in a "You gotta be kidding?!" mood. 

Speaking of "morons".... there are two little girls at the shelter right now that were surrendered together because they are both pregnant:
Imagine that.  Dumping the cats you've had for 2 years because they're "knocked up".  The good news is:  I have placement for them with North Toronto Cat Rescue, (Please note this is NORTH Toronto Cat Rescue)  but cannot find a driver to meet me halfway.  I've been feeling too crummy to make the full trek.  I really want to help these girls - the orange girl is about to give birth any day now.  It's sad to think that these girls remain at the shelter at the mercy of  being euthanized because of a lack of driver to deliver them where they need to go. 


I can't do it all.  In the early years of rescuing, I used to think I could.  But I know better now.  I ask for help.

Today is my birthday (yippe.) cooking tonight, AND my son has scooped litterboxes and fed the animals for me.  Last week they asked me what I wanted for my birthday.  I said,  "A donation to Forever Home Cat Rescue." 

They said, "That's lame. What do you REALLY want?" 

Ha.  Those young'uns.