Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Limb - Out On It

I didn't realize how busy I have been until yesterday when a trip to the emergency room with my son forced me to sit down for 6 hours without a cell phone.  My son's OK (kidney stones), but I'm so far behind in my rescue work and my work at home. 

I went to the shelter today and rescued FIVE cats!  Two Himalayans for another rescue, and three for my own rescue.  I didn't plan on rescuing five cats today.  In fact, I went into the shelter to rescue two cats, but received a "go ahead" call from North Toronto Cat Rescue about the Himalayans and then...

...there was "Argo":
Argo is a neutered declawed guy that I've talked about before in this blog.  He ended up with an awful upper respiratory infection, so the shelter put him on antibiotics.  Poor Argo became more and more depressed about being in the shelter, and gave up.  Kim and I walked by his cage his morning and she said, "He's going to be euthanized tomorrow, Beth". 

Shit.  I don't have a foster home for Argo, but I couldn't let him die.  Not like that. 

Argo is at the vets getting some better medications and fluids.  Funny thing is - he doesn't look that sick!  He looked elated to be out of the shelter.  They gave him a fluffy towel to sleep on at the vets and he was already perky.  Now where to put Argo....? 

The other two I rescued today are a very sweet pair of "Siblings":
Ginger and Emma went to a new foster home today.  These foster parents contacted me after their beloved 18 year old Maine Coon passed away.  They were still in the grieving process, but unselfishly wanted to help two cats in need.  Ginger and Emma were abandoned at the shelter after their owner died.  I think they all needed each other.  When I brought them to the foster parents' house today, I watched the foster Moms eyes well with happy tears when they came out of their carriers. 

This is going to be good.  This is going to be very good. 

At first I was hesitant to give them a bonded pair.  They could only commit to fostering for 6 months and I'm nervous that if these guys aren't adopted - what will I do? 

I had a request to move a cat to a new foster home last night too.  Fortunately, the space miraculously appeared for this cat, but what if it hadn't? 

Tonight, I feel like I'm out on a limb.  Since I'm an anal planner and organizer, I don't do well on the limb.  I want things in their place, I want people happy and I want it now.  :)  I'm feeling a tad vulnerable and things aren't quite as organized as I would like them to be.   Sure, I'm out on the limb, but what rescue isn't?

Then I get a before and after picture of my "Big Mac"....frightened, matted, dirty and alone...

He was out on a limb...

 I guess I should stop typing now.  :)


Kea said...

First, I hope your son is okay. The few people I know who have had kidney stones say it's the worst pain imaginable. :-(

Second...Wow. Five cats! I know Argo will have a place somewhere, no question.

And Ginger and Emma...I'm thrilled for them, and for their foster mom. I hope they help to heal her heart.

As for Big Mac...No words necessary!

Lots of hugs and universal Light to you all, Beth.

Faith J. said...

Emma and Ginger look just like the two pregnant Mom cats! Have those two had their kittens?

I am praying for you and all abandoned and neglected cats!

Anonymous said...

I know you are terribly busy, but I am wondering if you could offer some suggestions on your blog on how to address foster/resident cat issues since you seem to have so much experience. Even keeping fosters in a separate room still seems to be a cause of angst for our alpha male cat. And when the angst reaches a certain level, there comes the inappropriate pee. We would really like to foster more, but the alpha male cat is being a real butt (excuse the language).

House of the Discarded said...

Faith: OMG! I hadn't thought of that - but you're right! Same colour combination!

Yes...the little orange girl had 3 kittens - 2 gingers and 1 tortie! LOL! Sounds like a popular colour combo for this spring.

Lisa said...

I bet Argos health will improve once he gets in a home. Stress slows recovery immensly.
...I'm sure you know that after your long flu/cold session. lol

Here's hoping your stress and Argos stress both disipate quickly.

deep breaths *hugs*

House of the Discarded said...

Anonymous: Please email me and I'll be happy to try to give you some tips!

Caroline said...

OMG Big Mac looks so cute or manly, he'd prefer Manly! Such a confident, "Can I help you with something?" sort of face.
Good recovery wishes for your son.