Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Four Reasons to NOT Cook Dinner Tonight

There are 4 reasons why I'm not cooking dinner tonight. 

Celebrating the rescue of "Kyra" the 12 year old girl who was abandoned by her owners because she liked to sleep on the son's head.  (Obviously, these people don't have doors in the house):

Kyra went to an AWESOME Forever Home with a retired lady!

Reason #2 and 3 for NOT cooking dinner tonight - another celebration!

These two cats 12 are 10 years old. They were abandoned at the shelter yesterday because their owner was moving to Montreal. (I didn't know Montreal had a ban on cats!) They went to a Forever Home today by the daughter of the lady who is adopting Kyra!

THREE mid-life cats who had NO chance at the shelter found a new life. It doesn't get much better for me.

Reason #4 that I'm not cooking tonight:  I  rescued a 5 month old little girl that I renamed "Snow White":
I was going to name her "Dirty Snowball", but I figured that wouldn't get the phone ringing very much.

OK...I admit that ALL 4 reasons are pretty lame for not cooking dinner tonight, but I'm really reaching here because my tailbone and back hurts.  Usually, injuries are only good for 5 days of special treatment around here before they want life back to normal. 

I wish every rescue day could feel as good as this one.  I'm going to enjoy every minute of it!


Kea said...

Those are four fabulous reasons to not cook dinner. In fact, your day calls for celebratory take-out. I'd say dining out, but you might not be comfortable, with your injuries, doing that. Take-out would be second best. :-)

Hurray for these wonderful kitties!

Faith J. said...

Great news! So happy for these older cats.

Laurie said...

Yay!!! I'm so happy for those senior cats. We have two 12 year old cats and I can't even imagine abandoning them... some people just shock me. Kudos to you Beth!

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

My Khyra gives a fluffy tail up for THAT Kyra -

She also said she looks tasty but of course, she says that about all the khats ;-)

Anonymous said...

Awesome rescue day! Kyra's eyes are so sad. I hope to see future pics of her with happy eyes!

Congratulations. And heck yeah, order in something in their honor. And, of course, to spare yourself.


Caroline said...

It's a good day for senior citizens!

Kathie said...

Well, this warmed my heart and brought me to tears. A cat who likes to sleep on the son's head,( what a compliment!) two left because of the family moving, how could anyone let go of a senior citizen cat after all those years? People just puzzle me totally. Such good news all 3 are going to forever homes and that the two will be able to see one another being in the same family. And the white little one will be beautiful when she is cleaned up! I think she is beautiful now, but I'm a sucker for any cat.

Sparkle said...

That is just amazing! I'm so glad those mature kitties found homes!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely amazing:) What a special day!!

House of Mystery said...

Dun know how someone could drop a cat at the shelter because they sleep on their son's head? Uh.. Door!

All three are cute and didn't deserve being left, but I'll bet they have a better home now.

hmacross said...

So happy for these mature cats, thank you!

I showed your post to my son, who said he would give up his XBOX if his cat would sleep on his head! or anywhere in his room.

House of the Discarded said...

hmacross: I love your son!!!! My kind of guy!


selkie said...

My cat Mulder has slept on my head since I got him (from a litter dumped in -25 January weather - all were dead except Mulder when someone came across them). I LOVE his furry body and purrs echoing through my head (although not the kneading so much - and doug isn't too thrilled about his tail lashing his face when he is sleeping... grins). And moving to Montreal necessitates dumping your poor cats? GRRR sometimes I HATE people - those two look so SCARED. As I dragged my two cats (since died at 22 and 21, respectively) through three COUNTRIES and numerous provinces - what is the ISSUE? a 6 hour drive?