Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Charleston's Getting a Brother!

I'm not sure where my head is when it comes to rescue.  We're having an ENORMOUS Spring Blizzard here in the Toronto area and I'm out delivering a newly rescued cat, like it's a beautiful spring day.  One highway was completely shut down due to an accident, but I took side streets.  As I'm driving, it occurs to me how stupid this really is.  I can imagine my eulogy would be peppered with sentiments like, "At least she died doing something she loved..."  Good grief. 

Tomorrow's weather should be better, so I'm going to the shelter to meet foster parents and rescue a cute guy named "Joseph" who will be going to his Forever Home right away.

The cool part of this story is that this man adopted Charleston from me last year at this time. So it looks like Charleston is getting a brother!

 I'm hoping that the weather cooperates tomorrow.  David is playing Bridge tomorrow evening, so maybe I'll drive into the city and deliver Joseph myself!  It would be nice to meet the man responsible for saving two cats from the shelter. 

I'm still playing nurse to an (almost) 20 year old son post wisdom teeth extraction.  His room is littered with bloody kleenex's, empty pudding cups, and one of my favourite pieces of Tupperware that he's using to "spit".  This is day #3, and he's go grumpy now, that I'm to the point where I'm standing at his bedroom door throwing in ice packs and Percocets.  I reminded him that when he was born, I came home from the hospital and cooked dinner.  Men.  Honestly. 


Steve Bartlett said...

It sounds like your son was operated on by a butcher. Most dentists (and even some oral surgeons) seem strangely incompetent when it comes to extracting wisdom teeth. Mine were done by the best oral surgeon in Hamilton, and I was enjoying s pain-free steak 24 hours later. I know it's too late now, but if anyone else you know needs this type of work done, call me for his name.

Anonymous said...

May I suggest milk shakes? They got my sister through her wisdom teeth recovery - Milk and ice cream whipped together - smooth, tasty, cold and full of body can be miserable when they're living on milk shakes!