Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday, How I Love Thee I'm SO happy to see you!   David and I got into bed last night with an "old persons groan".  We looked at each other and laughed, remembering what kind of week we had been having.  Have we reached the age where we make "old people's groans" when we get into bed? 

I'm not sure why I'm happy for Friday.  My job is 7 days per week and doesn't really have an end to it, but it still feels festive just the same.  I'm starting to fall into a regular routine of follow up adoption calls, foster home follow ups, and veterinary follow ups.  We have quite a few pending adoptions and adoption visits for the weekend, so I'm hoping for a great adoption weekend.

We heart is with the 3 cats we currently have at the vets right now.  One is a kitten that is not doing all that great, and is worrying all of us.  His foster Mom was up every two hours syringe feeding him and rushed him to the vets this morning.  Her great nursing care will probably be what saves his life.  These little guys can fail so quickly. 

I was contacted by a local pet food store to have an adoption event in April.  Those can be VERY fun and I'm really looking forward to it.  I believe in classy events, so will need to buy some new cages and tables.  Fortunately, I've kept a few of those "kitty blankies" that volunteers have made to put at the bottom of the cages just for these events. 

Tomorrow, I'm meeting a new foster Mom at the shelter.  I've been meeting quite a few new people at the shelter lately, and as always, it forces me to look at the plight of these animals with new eyes and perspective.  With this new perspective, brings back the pain of when I first walked into the shelter building.  I almost can't bear to think about it or relive it - At least not today.

Right now, there are two cats who are spending their last night in a shelter cage because somebody came forward and opened their home to help them.  I'll go to bed tonight thinking about that and wonder who will be the fortunate ones tomorrow?


Debbie said...

I have crocheted some cage blankets for you!!!
I will need to get them to you befor the adoptathon.
Have you heard how Stanley is doing???

Faith J. said...

Great update! I am wondering, about how many cats does the shelter you rescue from usually have? Is it large?

Adoption events are a great way to find homes for cats. I volunteered for 5 years at a Chicago no-kill shelter and usually "worked" those kinds of events. At least if people couldn't take a cat, they would donate money. But make sure the money box is tied down, one year someone ran off with it and we never got the money back, it was over $100.

House of the Discarded said...

Faith: Yes, this is a HIGH volume shelter. In the summer, as many as 50 cats PER DAY come into this place.

House of the Discarded said...

Debbie: YAY!

Stanley is doing great! He's had his moments, but they love him!

Vesna said...

Beth, did you get the blankies we left at Dr. S's office? The receptionist there is such a sweetheart and I'm in love with their house cat, he looks just like my Gino.

House of the Discarded said...

Vesna: I sure did! They are gorgeous, as always Vesna! Thank you so much! (I've saved some for the adoption event)