Friday, March 04, 2011

A New York Kind of Day

This morning, I'm leaving for New York City for the weekend.  It's David's birthday and he's taking ME for a little shopping and theatre.  I wrote on my Facebook page this morning that I really hit the "marriage jackpot", and I can only say that's probably an understatement. 

I love that I can actually leave for a weekend and know that the rescue will continue to function well - emails, phones, adoption calls will all be well taken care of.  In fact, we're rescuing my favourite big girl today - "Boo"
Boo was left at the shelter due to a family member's allergies.  They left her toys, her expensive food, and she was obviously very loved.  I wonder what made them not try to rehome her themselves?  Leaving her in a high-kill shelter seemed so desperate.  Maybe they didn't know better.  Regardless, I've been losing sleep over this love-muffin and can hardly wait to know she's safe.
Last week we rescued "Tallulah":
What a pitiful little soul, eh?  I thought she had the sweetest "after" picture:

What a difference!  She's happy and confident, the way a dilute Tortie should be! 

I'm hesitating to bring out the suitcase.  Some of the cats get really excited to have something to perch in and on, but the older cats get that wide-eyed worried look, "Holy crap!  They're leaving!  Remind that teenager that snack time is promptly at 9 pm!!!"

For two and a half days, I'm going to try NOT to worry about it.  Fat chance of that, but I'll fake it through and make secret status update phone calls while David's in the washroom.  We have an agreement that we won't make outgoing business calls while we're away on these romantic weekends.  I wonder how many HE makes while *I'm* in the washroom??


Debbie said...

Leave the phone in your room, you are lucky to get away with your husband
Enjoy it!!
The rescue will be looked after
HAVE FUN!!!!!!

Caroline said...

Boo looks like Bella the Big Girl, she too was left with treats. Enjoy your weekend away!