Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Anal Planner Updates

Is it really November 30th?  "I won't panic...I won't panic....I can get everything done!"  When I heard that the weather was going to be dark and rainy today I decided I would seize the day by doing lots of administrative preparations, put up Christmas decorations, do laundry, etc.  My age must be catching up with me.  David and I were out last night until after midnight and I woke up this morning feeling hungover (even though I don't drink) and crabby.  It took me 3 cups of coffee to feel enough energy to go to the petstore and buy cat food. 

I managed to finish my Foster Home "Frequently Asked Questions" information sheet and set up a spreadsheet to keep track of foster cats and foster homes.  To me, organization is the key to success.  I'm definitely a "planner".  Rarely, will I "swing by" the local movie theatre to see what's playing.  I need to actually look at the list and show up at an assigned time.  Needless to say, it drove me crazy that I wasn't doing all the things I had planned to do today.  Even the breakfast dishes are in the sink and I'm about to start dinner! 

Kirstie A, who is one of my blog readers was kind enough to send me an email with a logo idea.  It's funny that she had the same reservations about my logo that I did.  There was something not quite right with the cat!  On her own, she sent me a new logo and I absolutely LOVE it.  So I'm re-introducing my logo:

Seriously!  How cute is the cat on this logo??  Love it! Love it!  Thank you so much Kirstie for doing this for me!  I'm thrilled!!!

Thursday, I'm meeting with a friend who has offered to designed the Forever Home Cat Rescue website.  It's a huge job, but Brandon knows his stuff.  :)

Best of all - I'm meeting a WONDERFUL couple tomorrow night who want to adopt "Ozwald" from the shelter.  Ozwald has been having a tough time lately and has been there too long.  I'm really excited about this adoption!

Tonight?  A good night's sleep...ZZZzzzzZZZZzzzz 


Kea said...

I love the cat stretching in your new logo. Purrfect contentment is what is conveys, as it should. :-)

Fingers and paws crossed for Ozwald. And I hope you sleep well tonight!

Allison at Novice Life said...

I love how the cat is stretching. It is like it is saying "Ahhh, I am home!"

Debbie said...

Sorry Beth, but the new logo is nicer.
Sounds like you are getting all your ducks in a row!!!

Anonymous said...

I liked the first logo but this is even better! I love the idea of the cat stretching because it's so happy to have found its forever home :-)

Fingers crossed for Ozwald!

Cindy, Bertie, Sammy, O'Malley and Batman

Anonymous said...

I love the new logo! The cat in the old one was a bit freaky looking. This one is welcoming and adorable. :)