Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Jump On the Rescue Emotional Rollercoaster With Me!

Jump on the "Rescue Emotional Rollercoaster" with me!  It has been one of those days where I was either high as a kite from good news, or pounding my fist on my desk with the bad. 

I was incredibly sad to find that a cat that was to be rescued TODAY was killed yesterday.  "Bryce" was very much wanted by a foster home and a rescue:
He had spent so much time at the shelter to only die there.  There was nothing wrong with Bryce - only that his time was up and he was supposed to die.  Couldn't they have kept him one more fucking day?   I couldn't help but cry for him this afternoon.  "I'm so sorry, Bryce..."

I met an active senior couple at the shelter this afternon.  What a delightful pair they are!  They drove 90 minutes to meet and adopt my buddy "Ozwald":
Ozwald had spent almost 3 hard months at this shelter.  He was completely in love with this couple and I think the feeling was mutual.  It was wonderful to watch them leave with him.  He's going to be spoiled rotten...I can just tell!

Speaking of being "in love"....:

Little Paisley has some pretty bad diarrhea - probably parasites. But she needs a foster home - soon!!

UPDATE on Wednesday 8:42 pm:  PAISLEY HAS A FOSTER HOME!  I'm picking her up tomorrow morning!  Thank you, Wendy!

I received a package in the mail today that I was THRILLED to receive! A really sweet lady had knitted a bunch of squares for the cats at the shelter to lay on. It's so sad that the majority of the cats sit on a single sheet of newspaper:

I wasn't kidding when I said it was a "Rescue Emotional Rollercoaster" today.  I cried when I received those lovingly knitted cat beds just as hard as I cried when I heard Bryce was killed so needlessly. 

What a day.  What a sad, happy, crazy, day.


Windy Wonder said...

What does one need to do to get little Paisley out of there?? She is sooo adorable!

So sad to hear about Bryce :(
Let me know how I can help!


House of the Discarded said...

Wendy: Just let me know! She'll definitely need to go to the vets first and get those tummmy problems under control. :)

Windy Wonder said...

I definitely have space for her! Let me know what arrangements to make! I'm surprised im the first to comment!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi there:

Poor Bryce. He looks so sweet and lovable.

What's with that "shelter"???? Did they know someone wanted him, but too bad - his time was up? If so, they need some serious outrage and chastising.

Kim said...

Beth, Bryce's story hit me hard tonght. I am definitely mourning his death and feeling for his foster parent(s).

Also, the person who knit those cat beds is wonderful!! How very sweet!

Dana said...

Hi Beth,

I've been reading your blog for a while, and have always felt bad that I can't help. But reading your blog today, I may have found a way, I can knit!

Those blankets are a wonderful idea! Please just let me know if you'd like some more (and about how big) and I'll start putting some together for you. I'd really like to help, even in just a small way to make those kitties more comfy.


Kea said...

Oh, Beth, I'm so sorry about Bryce. It makes me ill just to see his photo and know he didn't get a chance.

But that's such good news about Ozwald, Paisley and the cosy blankets!

(((Hugs))) and Light. I hope today brings only good.

House of the Discarded said...

Dana: Wonderful!! The kitties will appreciate it so much :)

Debbie said...

I made some blankets(Cat size) for you this summer, I thought once you got up and running and in Petsmart that the cats would all get one and they could go home in the carrier with them to have a familiar smell.
But if you want them now that works too.
Will shelter workers wash them or throw them out???That is what I was worried would happen.

House of the Discarded said...

Debbie: I like the idea of having blankies for the cat carriers so it smells familiar!

The staff at the shelter definitely wash the blankets! They have a HUGE washer/dryer on site and wash all the blankets.

Caroline said...

OMG so sad about Bryce, sounds like a communication error, vet:"whoops, you mean we euthanized the wrong one,oh well that's still $70 for me, whose next?"
Good news about Paisley though and hopefully Bryce's foster parents will pick another deserving kitty, the orange one below the black one in the video looks like a good choice.
I'm glad the blankies are finally arriving, according to "Bella" who constantly negotiates "table laying rights", cloth place mats also make pawsome blankets and are cheap and plentiful at the dollar store.
Paisley looks like a handful, she has a really peppy gait and I love those upright tails!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully Bryce's soon-to-be foster parents will help the black and white one in the cage next to Joy's, the one whom you said was excited to see you.

He knows you're his ticket out, but someone needs to give you that ticket to pass on to him.