Monday, December 20, 2010

After the Weekend

I was hesitant to write since I just got back from dropping off my daughter from the airport, but I'm not feeling as melancholy as I thought I might.  We had a wonderful visit!  As usual, it was too short.   Katy had a ball with the cats and I think the feeling was mutual.  When she was in her bedroom, the cats were there too!
I can't help but look at this picture and wonder, "Who is that old chick on the left?" be 26 again!

Over the weekend, I received a really neat email from a very special lady with whom I placed a cat more than a year ago.  She heard I had started a rescue and wants to foster for me!!  To refresh my memory, she sent me a before and after picture of Chewey:

How pitiful can Chewey be in this picture?

...and his "After" picture:

I wouldn't have guessed this to be the same cat.  This lady obviously saw something in Chewey that I didn't.  I remember thinking that (although I was SO HAPPY Chewey was getting out of the shelter), he wasn't the kind of cat I might have chosen for rescue.  Boy, was I wrong, wrong, WRONG! 

...and an update on the little dilute Tortoiseshell that I recently rescued - her name is now Gwen and she's settling in beautifully! Her foster Dad sent me this picture and I could only laugh:
She looks like "The Rose Between the Thorns", doesn't she?  I'm wondering who was on the sofa first - her or the dogs??!!  Adorable!! Adorable!

I sent out my first Forever Home Cat Rescue "Rescue Update" today.  It felt really good to write it and I don't think I realized how much had really been accomplished in the past 30 days until I wrote it all out! 

As I type this, I'm sitting here wondering who is at the shelter right now and wishing I could do just one more rescue before Christmas.  It's agonizing thinking of the homeless cats that are there right now while my own cats pull ornaments off  nap under my Christmas tree. 

If you can give a cat a home - permanent or temporary, please let me know.  I know the season is busy for everybody - but there are little lives that need help. ( Don't make me take a video of the shelter!!!  *sigh*)


Steve Bartlett said...

Actually the dogs were on the couch first -- I didn't know if Gwen would stay there or not, but she's gotten quite relaxed around them and she was quite happy to pose for the picture.

peewee22 said...

Hi Beth,

That's a lovely picture of you and your daughter. Glad you had a nice visit.

How are Stoney and little Bobby doing?

Deb said...

You do wonderful work and you should feel so proud and I hope you are very blessed this Christmas. You two look like sisters. When you do what you love it shines through. Have a wonderful Christmas. Love, Deb=^..^=x5