Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Moments of Insanity

(Before I begin my blog post I wanted to say that I had TWO MORE ADOPTIONS last night!!! I've already had three adoptions in total and am not even 100% up and running yet. I guess if cats are vetted, adoptions agreements are printed and the bank account is open, that's good enough for right now. But I'm just too excited!)

On to the blog post:

I suppose like everybody else during the holiday season, I keep having periodic moments of insanity. I tried to wrap Christmas presents today without locking the cats out of the room. What on earth made me think that I could wrap Christmas presents with 11 cats in the house? It took me more than an hour to wrap 6 presents! "Doodle" kept walking away with the bows, Ozzy kept laying across the wrapping paper, and "Parker" would shred the paper as I tried to fold it across the box!

The insanity part wasn't that I DIDN'T lock the cats out of the room, but the fact that I let them REMAIN even though I was going out of my mind! I guess it was just too much trouble to corral cats out of the area.

I keep listening to Christmas music while in the car and working around the house, which is leaving me in a constant state of sadness for the cats at the shelter. How insane is THAT? So now I'm not listening to Christmas music just to save my sanity. Try listening to Elvis singing "Silent Night" and you'll know what I mean.

To add to the insanity, I'm rescuing The World's Saddest Looking Kitten (TWSLK) tomorrow. I saw this guy at the shelter yesterday and wanted to cry. He's about 6 weeks old and quite sick. He came into the shelter starving, dehyrated, his bum completely raw from God-knows-what and shivering from the cold. Bless his little heart. The shelter gave him some medical care when he first came in so I'm praying that his future medical care will be minimal. I'm so thankful for Wendy who is going to take this sad little waif. (I'm guessing she had a moment of Holiday Insanity too!) Pictures coming tomorrow.

Our broken legged boy "Stoney" has come through his surgery with flying colours this afternoon. The vet said he's going to be in quite a bit of pain, but will keep him on pain meds. I'm just glad it's over and am anxious for this guy to be on the road to recovery.

Even this blog post seems a bit insane. I'm all over the place. I suppose this is as good a time as any to include the Paypal donation button as promised:

Please Note: I've been asked to put a Paypal donation button on this blog post. Please don't be offended - no pressure to donate!! But there are several people who would like to donate via Paypal and when I figure out how to put it in the sidebar, I'll do it! In the meantime, here it is. Thank you so much!


Kea said...

Beth, that PayPal link isn't taking me to a donation page, but to a page for me to sign into my own account. When I tried it again, I got this:

"You have requested an outdated version of PayPal. This error often results from the use of bookmarks."

You should click on the button and be taken right away to your donate page, to enter the amount and how you want to pay and/or log in. Do you have just the basic PayPal or have you upgraded? You need Premium, or whatever it is, to accept donations properly. I think. At least that's what I had to do to set things up for Derry's auction donations.

Anyway, hurrah for the three adoptions! Yay that Stoney came through his surgery!

House of the Discarded said...

Kea: ARGH! Thank you for letting me know. I'll work on this right away.

House of the Discarded said...

Kea: It's working now! Whew! Thank you for bringing that to my attention!


peewee22 said...

Hi Beth,

Congratulations on the new adoptions. I'm glad Stoney came through his surgery so well. Hopefully his recovery will be speedy.

I received your card today. I appreciate your kind words about my boy - he was the best.

The logo on your business card looks really good.

Anonymous said...

Please, please, please no Metacam/Meloxicam for pain management for little Stoney. It has been linked to Acute Renal Failure in cats, and is currently approved only as a one time injectable for cats. (Posted by the Journal of American Veterinary Medical Association, Nov.1, 2010). Not all vets are up to speed with this. There are other, safer pain meds for cats. Best wishes for a thorough and speedy recovery for Stoney.

House of the Discarded said...

Anonymous: I think he's getting a pain patch. Thank you so much for sharing this important information.


Saski said...

Thanks for the metacam tip. My dog was on it for years with no problems, so I would have been likely to ask for it for my cats. I really appreciate the head's up.

Beth - can't wait to see pics of the world's saddest kitten. I'm glad his story will have a happy ending (thanks to you!). :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! That is fantastic news about the adoptions!

As for why you did not lock the cats out of the room...well...I won't speculate ;-)

Poor TWSLK...He won't be sad for much longer though! Forever home cat rescue to the rescue!! You are an absolute star for taking on cases like TWSLK Beth, my admiration for you keeps on growing.

Glad Stoney's surgery went well, not so thrilled about the pain he'll be in but then again, he'll be better off now that he would ever have been in the shelter.

Cindy, B, S, O'M and Batman

Erika and Blair,xoxo said...

Yay for Stoney and all the other kitties finding good homes. When do you find out about your charity status?

House of the Discarded said...

Erika & Blair: Not soon enough! I just heard from the Charities Directorate, so it'll be AT LEAST another month. At least I've been assigned an agent and they're looking at the package. :)


Cat Carrier said...

LOL, what would Christmas be without all your "elves" to help you wrap?

Glad to know Stoney is on the mend. I'll send him pain-free healing vibes.

Congrats on your 3rd adoption & to all the humans with hearts of gold who come forward to adopt and foster rescue cats.

Paypal users can also type in your charity name in their account to send a donation if the button doesn't work.

Devon said...

Hi Beth,

It's nice to hear Stoney will be ok. I've been following your blog for sometime and just wanted to say Hi.

I used to foster cats while I was living on my own, but am currently unable to. I would love to foster for you in the near future when I am in a place I can bring cats! (Currently I live in a house where we foster dogs.)

Saw this news clip, touched my heart a little. Thought I'd share :)

House of the Discarded said...

Devon: Thank you for introducing yourself!! When you're ready, I'd love it if you'd contact me to be a foster parent. We can sure use the help.

The article you sent was heartwarming. FINALLY - a happy ending!!!


Kristen said...

great!!! Glad to see an adoption link, I feel like such a creeper messaging you for a place to send money. lol :)