Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Diana, Winkle et al

I was back at the shelter today to rescue 1 fortunate cat.  Believe me, I was very aware that this cat would have a home for Christmas and I could hardly look at the rest of them as I walked through to pick up "Diana":
The foster Dad that took Diana only asked for a "fluffy" cat that needed him.  Boy did Diana need him!  Diana must weigh 5 lbs soaking wet.  She's a gentle, sweet soul that was spayed and declawed when she came to the shelter.  When I brought her to the foster Dad's home, she immediately started to purr and acted like she had lived there forever.

Don't you wish you could put bad things behind you as quickly as Diana? 

It looks like I'm going to have another adoption this week!  More on that when I have the adoption agreement in hand.  To me, unless there's an adoption agreement - there is NO adoption.

I ran into a woman from another rescue today.  She was taking Nicholas!  I love running into other rescues at the shelter.  It doesn't happen very often, but it feels good to know that other people are helping the cats there from time to time.

Kim saw me and excitedly asked, "Did you see Winkle????"  I know I'm in trouble with a name like "Winkle".  Such an endearing name! 

I feel so badly for a cat like Winkle.  No doubt he's feeling better tonight with the nails out of his skin. 

The stress of the season is definitely catching up with me.  I feel exhausted!  Of course, as soon as I fell asleep on the couch this afternoon, David comes home early.  Why couldn't I be vacuuming or something?

Lots of wonderful cats at the shelter right now and it's filling up fast.  There won't be a Christmas for some of them.  Please let me know if you can help. 


Kristen said...

Winkle is beyond handsome, what a gorgeous, stunning cat!!! Ahhh wish I had my own zoo.

That happens to me too, Beth. I think my fiance is convinced I "sleep all day" on my days off and magic cleaning elves clean the house and do the laundry... certainly not ME :P

Anonymous said...

Beth - I sent you a donation through Paypal. Hopefully, it will help you give some kitties a home for Christmas...maybe even Winkle. He looks like an angel. Merry Christmas! Shannon

Hanifa said...

Winkle is now living in my home and he is amazing!!! Thanks guys!!! We have renamed him as Roarshack :) He is such an amazing cat. He is getting along with my cat Lulu as well as our dog Sparticus. I am so grateful to have him in my home.

House of the Discarded said...

Hanifa: WONDERFUL! Would love to see some pictures of your new spoiled boy! Thank you for giving him a fabulous Forever Home!