Saturday, December 18, 2010

"Dem Changes" Are Here

It's been a whirlwind few days.  My daughter is here and my youngest son is gone.  I'm very aware that my life with my adult children is now going to become a series of hello's and goodbye's. 

It's the damndest thing to walk into my son's room and find it empty.  Of course, the move wouldn't be a REAL family move without the usual tension and fighting.  By the time we were done moving his stuff into his new apartment, David and I were barely speaking to him.  Maybe that's nature's way of saying, "it's time."    He took his favourite cat "Wilbur" with him, so not only am I minus one kid - I'm also minus one cat.  Wilbur doesn't like the other cats, so this is a GOOD thing. 

It's funny - when I announce that my daughter is coming into town, the emails and communication from my friends *STOP*.  I think I've had 5 emails in 2 days!! 

Yesterday, I received an email from a lady who was looking for a younger cat.  She had been already thoroughly screened by another rescue (verified), but didn't drive and had heard that I was a bit of a cat yenta.  She wanted to adopt a cat that needed her.  Unfortunately, I couldn't make it out to the shelter, so my friend Kathleen made the trek out there to find the perfect cat for her.  Kathleen and Kim chose a darling little grey tabby girl named "Kaylee" and drove her to her new home.  I still find it amazing that people trust us like this, but it was a perfect match.  Kaylee loved her and the feeling was mutual. 

It's 10:45 am on Saturday morning and the house is quiet.  My daughter and older son hit the pubs last night and are sleeping in.  David and I are having a preview of our life without anyone in the house - but us - and the cats.

Blissful.  Really blissful...


Anonymous said...

Hey Beth, look at it this way: you now have space for more cats!!

Caroline said...

Hey Beth,

Please post your address again so my Mom can send a donation.


House of the Discarded said...

Oh boy, Caroline! Here ya go:

Forever Home Cat Rescue
Beth Turner
115 George Street
Box #438
Oakville, ON L6J0A2

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

You know, when both my girls finally left for good (moving back home a couple times) I was sad...but then, not having to wait to get into a bathroom, not getting the whining about the "crap" I'd cooked for dinner (stop complaining and cook for me for a change), not coming home from work to find a herd of teenage girls "getting ready" for a game, party, date, etc. was lovely. Now, when they come home it's only for the good stuff. They appreciate my cooking and willingly do the dishes for me and it's much easier to get the son-in-laws to do the heavy lifting than it is to get hubby to do it. Maybe it's different if you have boys, I'm hoping not for your sake.~Donna