Tuesday, December 14, 2010

"THE" First Adoption!

I'm pretty excited this afternoon! I'm pleased to report that Forever Home Cat Rescue has had it's FIRST ADOPTION!!!   Little Lloyd has been adopted and is being loved and kissed as I type:
I felt like taking a picture of the cheque, but that was too tacky even for me.  :)

It was another day of running around - picking up cats, delivering cats, and saving cats.  One guy in particular is going to be VERY lucky - "Pringles" is going to a forever home tonight.  An awesome young woman is adopting him sight unseen!

Time to start dinner....it's going to be a busy evening!  I just had ANOTHER adoption phone call!


Anonymous said...

Oh Beth! Pringles looks so much like my little Lars!
Congratulations on your first adoption. The first of countless happy stories, I'm sure.

House of the Discarded said...

Anonymous: He *DOES* look like Lars! Every time I see a buff/cream coloured guy, I always think of Lars :)


royalcoonhounds said...


Kea said...

Congratulations on your first adoption! Lucky Pringles!

Here's to many, many more, Beth.

peewee22 said...

Congratulations on your first rescue. (I think I'd be tempted to frame the cheque as well). I wish you much success. The kitties are very lucky to have you in their corner.

Brian said...


Windy Wonder said...

WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!! 3 ADOPTIONS!

raina said...

Hi Beth,
wondering if you know when you'll have your charity status yet?
I want to make Forever Home one of our holiday donations but the other half wants a tax receipt out of the deal ;)

Erika and Blair,xoxo said...

HURRAY AN ADOPTION! I'm so proud of you Beth and the rescue you have started.

Smartypants said...

That's great news Beth! I'm thrilled that you've had your first adoption, and I know it is only the first of many!

House of the Discarded said...

Raina: I certainly don't blame your other half for wanting a tax receipt! I received notification from the Charities Directorate that my file has been placed with a Charities agent and I'm hoping to know in the next month or so. It feels like forever!

Believe me - they'll be a special post when that number finally comes in. :)


Daisy said...

Congratulations on your first adoption!!!

Pringles is very handsome with his big tomcat head!