Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Some Christmas Happiness

I took my usual 30 minute nap on the same red couch with a fire crackling in my 100 year old fireplace and the Christmas tree lights beaming in their full glory.  I woke up to 3 tabbies asleep on me and I'm pretty sure at that very moment, I had defined the word "content".  Today, I screened foster parents #15 and #16, and Forever Home is really starting to feel like a "real" rescue.  Although I haven't received my first vet bill yet, I'm going to try to think magical Christmas thoughts with hope I'll be surprised that the bill wasn't as much as I thought it would be.  (Has that ever happened?) 

I received some awesome news that "Sophie", a recent rescue, that hadn't been eating is now eating.  We were terrified of the prospects of a feeding tube or worse - euthanasia.  The foster Mom gave her a banquet of food - including cooking her chicken and bacon.  She wanted no part of it.  Sophie wanted Whiskas "crap food" dry food.  Go figure.

Sophie Before:

...and Sophie AFTER....
She's beautiful, isn't she?

I finished designing the rescue's brochure today and sent it in to the printers.  David and I are paying for the start up costs ourselves.  Brochures may seem like an unnecessary, luxury item, but nothing spells "legit" (other than a charity registration) more than a quality glossy brochure!  It's important to me that people feel proud to volunteer AND adopt from this rescue.  Granted, if we run out of money too quickly, the brochures won't get reprinted for a while.  :)

I've been so happy watching Forever Home slowly blossom.  Of course, where there's good news, there's always bad news on the horizon.  But I feel like I'm building a team of people that truly care about the rescue and me.  Surrounding myself with people like that - I can get through anything. 


Kea said...

Wow, foster parents #15 and #16! That's fantastic, Beth, congratulations! You've been working so hard--far harder than I can even imagine, I would say. I know there will be lots of "down" moments, so please do focus on the happy ones!

And I'm glad Sophie is eating. Of course she wants the junk food, it's like us eating chips and cookies and chocolate, probably. LOL. As long as she's eating--that's what counts, IMO. The best food in the world won't do a cat any good if s/he won't eat it.

Deb said...

Yes, she is beautiful and No, I have never heard of a small vet bill but we will keep our fingers and paws crossed for you. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x5

Allison at Novice Life said...

Sophie looks beautiful!

For your printing needs Beth, as you gather volunteers, see if any of them can print for you. Someitmes their work may allow them to print some stuff for charity and also get to know area printers as some may do pro bono work from time to time or at least offer you a discount.

House of the Discarded said...

Allison: Great idea!!!

Josie said...

I wish you the very best of luck for this next year! You are doing wonderfully! Bless you for all that you and the fosters do!

Yidchick said...

I am so glad things are taking off!! :)

Yidchick said...

I am so glad things are taking off with your cat rescue! :) I keep feeling tempted to email you to adopt a kitty for my resident cat but so far my hubby says no. I am going to keep trying to convince him. :)

havetailwillwag said...

hey that's funny about sophie!! sometimes i have fosters that prefer crap food as well.. i don't get why..

Lory & Co, said...

Foster Family #15 reporting for duty! Well, on January 2. Looking forward to the next round of helping find awesome kitties their forever homes. And of course, working with the woman we trust and respect so much!

House of the Discarded said...

Lory: ((Big hug!)))

Kea said...


Has your rescue been featured on Pet Blogs United?

I've left a comment there indicating that I think you should be featured, hope that was okay.

If you already have been, sorry -- I can't keep up with all the blogs, all the time.

But if you are not familiar with the blog, they are at

I left my email addy with them, and the link to your blog.


House of the Discarded said...

Kim: Thank you so much! Yes, they did contact me a few weeks ago. I wrote a long article for them on "Talkie Tuesday", but never heard back :( Oh well, everybody is busy this time of year!