Thursday, December 16, 2010


It's quite a busy day for me with my daughter's arrival this evening, but I had some fun rescues today!

I received a phone call from Teresa whose foster kitten "Jethro" was recently adopted. She was ready for another kitten, PLUS her Mom was interested in adopting "Lemon" a deaf white cat that had been at the shelter for more than a month!

I walked the shelter floor looking for one single kitten and came across a pair that had been left in a box in a parking lot. I can't even imagine how cold they must've been. How incredibly cruel. I'm happy to announce that Teresa took BOTH of them.  Teresa wasn't home for the delivery, but left me a key, so I was alone in her lovely home when I took the video. Imagine how fun it was for me to deliver ALL THREE cats to her house today:

As promised, I've also rescued The World's Saddest Kitten:

I named him "Little Bobby".  I think he needed a "jolly" sounding name.  He looks so sad.  :(

What a crazy couple of days - my daughter arriving tonight and my youngest son is moving into his first apartment tomorrow.  I'm really glad my daughter will be here to help distract me because of the weird empty nest feelings I'm having.  My older son is still at home, but that's only for a few more months. 

Maybe "Little Bobby" and I have more in common than I think...


Saski said...

Aw, the poor noisy guy. :( I know we're supposed to just be glad for the ones we help, but it hurt so much to think of the ones left behind.

Allison at Novice Life said...

Congrats on todays rescues and how wonderful for little lemon :)

House of the Discarded said...

Saski: I felt the same way :(

JL said...

Aw, all those poor little punkins. So happy for the three babies that went to the foster and little Bobbie. It just never seems to end though....oh man. You are an amazing person.

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

I vote someone leaves those 'humans' in a box in the cold one day

We read everyday - you know that - and don't always comment -

As Khyra would say KHONKHATS on your awesome endeavour!


Brandon said...

OMG the noisy guy broke my heart

Caroline said...

Great job Beth, i love the hardwood floors in the video I hope to get those in March! lol I hope the noisy guy makes it out!Have fun with your daughter!

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Oh man, the loud ones always break my heart, almost as much as the quiet ones, the sad ones, the ones that hide, the ones that grab at you...LOL
My foster kittens go back to the shelter after Christmas. I'm sure they'll be adopted almost the same day just because of the number of adoption gift certificates we've been selling this week! Have a great time with your daughter.~Donna

Julie said...

Happy Day for the rescue :)

Glad to see those three out and about, it looks like the white cat should only be deaf in the ear that is the same side as his blue eye- Pleiotropy is a hec of a genetic thing;)

I have actually sent a friend to get a cat through you in the new year as they are moving Jan 1st, giving their cat some time to settle then she said she would contact you!

All the best!

Emsworth Girl said...

Great JOb Beth. I think the noisy guy heard about the magic you work he's wanted his time on camera!

peewee22 said...

Hi Beth,

Poor baby - little Bobby looks so forlorn - so glad you've rescued him. Do you have any idea of how he came to be at the shelter?

The crying coming from the other cages is heart-wrenching. I kept hearing them while I was trying to sleep last night. I so hope they get rescued soon.

Enjoy your visit with your daughter. It sounds like you'll be going through an emotional roller-coaster for the next little while.

House of the Discarded said...

Amy: He was definitely neglected, and brought in as a "stray". He's so thin and dehydrated. But's he's going to get strong and handsome soon!

Yes, the cries from the other cats are awful. That's what I hear when I go in every time. It's gut wrenching. :(


peewee22 said...

Not Amy, but that's okay.

I think you're an amazing person to be able to go back there again and again, knowing what you'll encounter. I know you have to focus on the ones you're able to rescue, for your own sanity, but the rest must stay with you to some degree. That must be so incredibly difficult.

mamabear said...

I'm so happy to see the deaf whitester has been rescued. It seems many people are reluctant to take a chance on a deaf cat..but we have found our two deaf sweeties have fit into our family so well. We were initially worried when Spike, our big deaf fluff cat came to join us...but our experience with him prompted us to open our hearts (and rather pet filled house) to one more deaf furry family member!

Amanda said...

Oh my goodness...the cries in the background. *Heartbreaking*. I remember hearing all those sad meows when I walked through the shelter. The sights and sounds definitely pull on your heartstrings and make you want to take them ALL home. I don't mind to be the 'crazy cat lady' if it means they'll all be safe!!!
*Here's to hoping and praying lots will get out for Christmas*.