Wednesday, November 24, 2010


It's funny how a small thing like getting a phone call from the Charities Directorate could make me leap for joy.  All they wanted to know was my birthdate which was missing from the application.  I was just happy that they received my frickin' application!  I wanted to exclaim:  "YOU HAVE MY APPLICATION! YAY!"  I wanted to tell them to "hurry please", but instead I said "thank you" in my most professional voice.    The Charities Directorate rep quickly hung up the phone; probably grateful that I didn't ask any further questions about processing etc.

My 19 year old son has been diligently job hunting for two months.  He's off to school in September 2011, so obviously wanted to work in the interim.  He's a handsome, well spoken, good guy, so I was surprised when the job offers weren't rolling in for him.  Since his car accident a few months ago,  I've been reluctantly sharing my car horrified.Today he had an opportunity to go to a job fair, at precisely the same time I was due at the shelter for an adoption. 

I hate having to choose between helping my charming son (who often has a bad attitude about his mother) and doing an adoption at the shelter.  Because quite frankly, my kid would normally lose out.  Gratefully, I called my friend Kathleen who quickly agreed to meet the adopter at the shelter for me so that my son could go out and be a productive member of society. 

Together, they chose one of MY favourites and one of Kathleen's favourites!  TWO cats found homes today:
Yay for Randy!

Yay for Bennie!

Another great day for me and the cats.  On the eve of the American Thanksgiving, I'm grateful for so much that listing it here seems boastful. 

One more thing?  (My son has a second) interview at one of the stores he interviewed with today)  


Kea said...

Hurrah for Randy and Bennie! Fabulous!

And the best of luck to your son! Fingers crossed he gets the job!

Debbie said...

Glad all worked out well for everyone :)
Looks like the lady made 2 good choices.
Hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving tomorrow !

Erika said...

I know exactly how your son feels, I had a summer job but needed one for winter since it was seasonal. I searched for two months before I got my job now which is just supply teaching for a daycare. Yay for all the kitties and your application!