Sunday, November 28, 2010

"JOY" An Emergency Plea!

I had truly an amazing rescue day today, but have found that the events pertaining to the rescue need to wait while I try to find emergency placement for a sweet girl named "Joy".

At some point in her sad life, somebody put a collar on Joy.  She must've been desperate to get out of the collar, because she fit her left front paw into the collar, where it lodged into her armpit.  There the collar stayed until it grew painfully into her skin. 

(if you're squeamish, please read no further - graphic pictures ahead)

I can't imagine how much pain she must be feeling.  Her leg isn't broken,  but the hole under her arm needs to be cleaned and sutured.  I wanted to rescue her today so badly, but with a new rescue like mine, I am fearful to knowingly take cats that might be so expensive to treat. 

Instead, I'm asking for an emergency rescue of this darling little girl.  She seemed fine with other cats at the shelter (hissed at a big Tom  She walks gingerly, so you know she must be in pain. 

If you can help Joy, please let me know or alert the rescue you are affiliated with to help her. 

I'm going to have trouble sleeping until this girl is rescued.  Please link to this post!


Kim said...

oh my goodness....I am sending prayers from Nova Scotia for this poor sweet girl. She deserves a kind emergency rescue!! *warm hopefull thoughts!*

Please let us know if she is rescued.

Anonymous said...

Hi Beth - are you a registered charity yet? The reason I ask is that I would be happy to make a donation to Joy's vet care and if you're a charity, my company will match my donation, which would be great in this situation, which may be expensive. Please LMK. I'll keep Joy in my thoughts.


House of the Discarded said...

Sarah: Thank you for asking, but no, I'm not a registered Charity yet. I've received a phone call from the Charities Directorate, so my application is being processed. I'm hopeful it'll come through soon.

Deb said...

If you decide to collect money for her surgery please let me know and I will donate. Deb=^..^=x5

AFSS said...

We are sending healing purrs for Joy and have shared her plight on FB and Twitter.