Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Foiled by Technology!

Please forgive the delay in posting this!  I came home to find my internet turned off due to some "trojan worm" or some kind of icky sounding thing.  The provider said it was nasty and I'm just now getting back online.  Part of me was relieved that I wasn't chained to emails today, and another part of me was pacing like a lion in a cage until I was back online.  Thank God there was nothing life-urgent with the cats that I needed to respond to in the interim. 

I'm SO happy to report that "Dale" has been rescued today.  I saw the little guy while I was working with an adopter today and he looked awful.  His face was cut open in several places and swollen.  Thank heavens he was rescued.  I'm so grateful.  

I spent 3 hours at the shelter today working with one adopter and her darling 3 year old little boy.  Part of my job is to find the right match for this family, but the other part is to insure that they don't get overwhelmed.  Despite my best efforts, she became overwhelmed and it became an agonizing choice for them.  (Thus the 3 hours!) They finally decided on "Marv":
If she hadn't taken Marv home - I would've.  He was the sweetest, gooey, 8 month old dollface!!!  He literally went limp in my arms.  I didn't want to hand him over.  Hahaha :)

Thought you might a completely delightful before and after picture:

Doesn't Ernest have a pitiful little face?  Within an hour, Ernest's new picture arrived:

Hardly looks like the same boy!!!!  Doesn't he look happy in his Daddy's arms?  He hadn't met Ernest until after the adoption.  Looks like they're BOTH pretty happy, eh?  :)

I'm terrified that the internet is going to shut down again before I can push PUBLISH on the blog post.  I think I have the problem handled, but it's left me feeling uneasy. 

Tomorrow, I'm meeting a really nice sounding young lady at the shelter who is interested in adopting TWO cats!  I think I have JUST the cats..... (wahoo!)


Cindy, Bertie, Sammy, O'Malley and Batman said...

I am *so* happy Dale got rescued! When the blog didn't get updated, my thoughts immediately went to 'worst case scenario mode' (I'm *such* an optimist) and I was thinking that maybe it had been too late for Dale and you were trying to work up the courage to write that in the blog...

I'm sure you don't feel the same at all, but I don't think I've ever been more relieved about a Trojan Worm :D

Love, love, love the after pics of Ernest, he looks very comfortable :-)

Marv looks like he's in need of some good grooming and lots of TLC, so I'm happy he got his forever home today.

And whoa!! 2!! cats? That is *fantastic*

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

I'm so happy Dale made it out of there! I posted him on Facebook and my cousin in California wanted to know if I could drive to Canada to get him for her just so he could get out of the cage. I have a family full of softies...

Reese said...

I love to hear rescue stories a lot... I feel for the animals and I feel bad every time there are pets being injured and all. Anyway, I am an adopter myself only it is bunnies. I also got them in the shelter and I am so proud to say that I did not only provide them rabbit hutches but also love and care that a family member deserves.

Allison at Novice Life said...

Awesome all around - you rock Beth!! And Marv looks marvelous ;)

Kea said...

I'm thrilled for Dale! And Marv and Ernest and wish you good luck today!

Kristen said...

Great to hear about Dale!! marv is awesome, check out that hair!!!

Ernest is adorable...I absolutely love the "one eyed wink/blink" he's sporting when the head is rubbed sooooo good you want to close your eyes but wanna see what's going on too ;) :)

Caroline said...

I hope "Marv" is going to get a lion cut, I think he could use one! lol !