Friday, October 29, 2010

Looking Into the Sunbeam

I ran out the door to the shelter this morning without my camera!  Crap!  I really wanted to take a video of my favourite girl "Lema" being rescued.  I wish I could describe it was like...she *knew* and she was waiting for me!   Lema was sitting in front of her cage and I started to sing my silly little rescue song as I walked up to her. She meow'd SO happily and stood up as I approached. I grabbed her up and kissed her over and over. Lema is such a smooshy love muffin.

I dropped off 4 other adorable kittens for another rescue and took Lema into the city to her foster Mom.  She chattered at me as I drove and I found myself singing to the song on the radio, "I Kissed a Girl" by Katy Perry.  I'm such a doofus, because I changed the lyrics to "I kissed a kitty and I liiiiked it....the taste of her furry little liiiips..."  Lema meow'd in appreciation.  I'm surprised I didn't have an accident. 

Not sure why I felt so emotional over this little butterball tabby.  I've rescued so many over the years, and every once in a while I feel extra emotional about one.  If the truth were really known, I wish I could've kept her forever.   Watching her little face stretch towards the sun peeking through the clouds made me choke up.  I'm betting she'll be flopped in front of a sunbeam in no time at all. 

Even though I promised myself that I wouldn't - I ended up walking through several of the cat rooms today at the shelter.  The cats had already been fed and wicked-witch-of-the-west employee was stomping around the rooms with her headscarf on her head and usual bad attitude.  I wonder why some people get a job at Animal Control if they really don't like animals?  Or at one time in their life they did like animals, but the job just brought them down and they lost perspective.   I would really like to ask that question, but I'm afraid it would come out as, "Why do you always act like such a bitch?" I guess in any workplace there's always ONE nasty person that everybody tolerates.  But what bothers me is that she cares for such innocent creatures who are prisoners to her nastiness.  *ugh*

Things really do seem to be looking up at the shelter.  There are more than just rumours stirring about adoptions and ALL cats will be vaccinated as they enter the shelter.  They're even changing cleaning protocol in the anticipation of providing adoptions!  I'm hopeful that some of the rescues who left this shelter due to illness, etc, will come back now that things are improving.  As I get more information, I'll provide it here.   I'm hesitant to say too much.

Halloween at my house is quiet. The house we bought almost two Halloween's ago is on a busy street and I think parents are hesitant to let the kids trick-or-treat.  Admittedly, it's a relief not worrying about a cat flying out the door everytime it opens to give out candy.  Happy Halloween to all!!!



Crystal said...

You sound so happy again:) I am so relieved to know you are looking out for the kitty's at "the shelter". They so need you! I am so freaking excited that this shelter is considering changing policies...fingers crossed and sayin my prayers!

Congratulations on moving forward with such grace, committment and determination...You are a amazing:)

Cheers Crystal

Anonymous said...

This is where you belong!!

CanuckPet said...

You do sound happy again

And I am so happy they may be able to do adoptions!

Luckypaws said...

Just finished reading your blog from start to finish. Love it! I've been rescuing dogs for the past year but you've inspired me to take in my first foster cat. Thank you!

House of the Discarded said...

Luckypaws: Wow!!! Thank you so much! :) :)