Thursday, October 28, 2010

What's With All The Second Guessing?

Zeus the Persian went to his forever home today.  At least I'm hopeful it was his forever home.  It was one of these adoptions where I wasn't 100% sure I did the right thing.  Zeus had belonged to a senior citizen and I placed him in a home with a younger child in the family.  I've already contacted the family and they said he was settling in and all was OK. 

I wish I didn't worry so much, but I feel very responsible.  I don't have the same resources that I once had, and I don't want to place a cat "from the frying pan, into the fire."  I verified that they have a neuter appointment for him on Tuesday next week, so that's pretty much all I could do.  Worry...worry...worry...

Over the past few weeks, I've been working pretty hard at getting my latest favourite girl "Lema" out of the shelter:
Anybody who reads this blog with any kind of regularity knows how much I LOVE fat little bowling ball cats.  Lema has been spayed and declawed.  She's THE SWEETEST lovebug!   A rescue has come forward for her and I'm over the moon that I get to go pick her up tomorrow!!!  They're going to be so surprised at how sweet she is.  I sat on the floor at the shelter and she climbed into my lap like she knew me forever.  I almost brought her home that day.  It was horrible putting that big girl back into such a tiny cage.  I've been kicking myself for days for not bringing her home. 

On my Facebook profile today, I put:  "Getting married, having a baby, moving, job transfers, etc. are NOT REASONS for abandoning your pet, they are EXCUSES. Pets are a LIFETIME commitment the same as children are a LIFETIME commitment. We don't get rid of children for these kinds of excuses... we adjust our lives. Our pets deserve the same level of devotion." 

 I wish they'd put that in the Animal Control front office.   One of these days, I'll stop preaching to the choir and actually say it to somebody that NEEDS to hear it.   Do you think anybody will turn around and take their pet home? 


Kea said...

Lema looks like she's talking up a storm. :-)

Fingers crossed for Zeus, that he fits in well with the new family and vice versa. I hope they understand he's going through a lot of trauma and change in a short period of time and allow him to adjust at his own pace.

As for your FB message: Frankly, I think it would be unheard among those who truly do need it. Right over their heads.

HomeToMany said...

I agree with Kea, re: FB message - those that need the swift kick in the ass never understand it.

If I was your friend on FB I would say "Like" that's for sure.

Lema = CUTIE!

One day I will get a cat from you Beth. Right now I am dealing with another one of babies who are very ill, urine blockage and now infectious spider bite, hopefully we won't have to amputate the front foot :(

Keep up the great work.


Sparkle said...

Honestly, I think the people who need your FB message are probably people who should not own pets in the first place. What kind of person would take a pet to an animal control center with those type of excuses? I would not consider them an animal lover of any sort.

Debbie said...

If Zeus doesn't work in his forever home let me know!!!

JR said...

I've always wanted to put ads up on the sites where people post their ridiculous excuses with pictures of their "much loved, fabulous and loving" pets that they want to toss away. It would go as follows:

One Child, Allergic Husband & Landlord free to a good home! They are unable to live in the same home as my cat anymore so they need to go. They are cute, playful and will make excellent pets (just not for me anymore)

lease said...

thank goodness you are getting lema out! she did the same thing to me when i was there last...climbed into my lap and flopped over for belly rubs. she's so sweet and i haven't stopped thinking about her since i was there.
alas, i could only take one that day...

thanks so much beth!
yay lema!

Fern said...

May I borrow your quote from your FB profile? I'd like to put such a message on my own page.

House of the Discarded said...

Fern: Yes, please!!!

selkie said...

sighs. drives me INSANE .... as I said on one ad recently, when we were kids, we moved from Ireland to Canada to Grand Bahamas to US and back to Canada... and yes, our parents brought us (4 kids) AND the rest of the family - a samoyed (who we had to shave every summer after 4 years in Freeport as his system got screwed up but he was fine) - a little black mutt dog and 3 cats! My sisters and I were experts at doleful faces and instant tears to smuggle them into motels etc as my da always drove whenever we moved so we could see the country.

My own kids were laughing the other day as I couched them how to lie to their pediatrician that NO, mum got RID of our cats (two were allergic - but hell, I had the cats LONG before the kids came along!) and they survived; we learned to work around it - to this day, no carpets, curtains i can wash frequently, wood floors that are easy to vacuum and wash - and technically cats were banned from their rooms (but somehow managed to "sneak" in anyways).

Animals are FAMILY not disposable toys.

House of the Discarded said...

Selkie: LOL!! Loved it!