Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"It's a Start, right?"

I'm back to doing something that I really enjoy doing.  I'm working with the high volume shelter doing adoptions (that aren't really supposed to happen) through their Petfinder website.  There's no adoption fee to adopt a cat from this shelter, but I still need to insure that the cats are going to a good home.  Sometimes death at the shelter is a better choice than going home with some idiot who won't take care of you. 

I had stopped doing these kind of "courtesy adoptions" when I was a board member at the former rescue.  I was too busy and exhausted from being on the phone all the time.  Adding to my time on the phone seemed unreasonable and ridiculously stressful.  (Ask my mother, who I never called because I was so tired of being on the phone!) 

When a cat is adopted through this shelter (that doesn't permit public adoptions), I have to sign the cat out under a rescue's name.  Looks like I have to think up a rescue name!  :)  I probably should take some better pictures of the more urgent cats and see if I can promote them.   I should also go out to the shelter and reacquaint myself with the cats again. 

It's a start, right?

I stopped looking at the high volume shelter's website for quite some time.  It hurt too much, and I was angry at the politics going on over there.  Maybe now I have more time and the "huevos" (balls) to deal with such nonsense.  After what I've been through recently, I feel like anything is possible. 

Here's some urgent guys that have caught my attention, that I understand are VERY VERY sweet:

The vet tech at the shelter emailed me about "Mr. Billings" (above).  She said he's SOOOO sweet and adorable.   She often gets stuck with marking the cats for euthanasia.  She hasn't been able to mark Mr. Billings and he's been at the shelter since July.  :(   All three of the cats above have already been neutered and can be vaccinated, dewormed and flea treated. 

No adoption fee, and promises of a feline love fest!  But I guess I'm preaching to the choir.  :)


Anonymous said...

"Turner-Round Cat Rescue". Since going from the cage to a home is such a turn-around. As is all your driving back and forth! ;)


House of the Discarded said...

Renee: LOLOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Why not 'House of the Discarded' cat rescue.

Lisa_Renae said...

Wow....I have a spot spot for the shelter where my babies came from...if you need help screening, I know w recently de-frocked screener who loves kitties

Allison at Novice Life said...

I agree with anonymous! I like the name 'House of the Discarded'!

You go Beth!!

Ecochica said...

So happy you are back at that shelter again! These cats and kittens need all of the help that they can get!

Anonymous said...

How about "shelter of the discarded"?
Baby steps Beth!!! You'll get back up there and will be rescuing like you used to in no time!!!
Or "Precious Paws"

JLi said...

Yay! And I LOOOOVE Mr Billings....
If I weren't at my personal house cat "limit"... :(

Lisa said...

Yay! Beth's back in the saddle!!

I like Turner-round rescue lol!!

Nine Lives Cat Rescue
Second Chance Cat Rescue
Kitty Karma Kat Resue
Deja Vu Cat Rescue

JR said...

Thank goodness! I stopped looking at the Urgent Cats because I was worried that there might be one I was destined to save...and I'd have no one to help me!

Glad you've got your paw back into the game!

Just can't keep a good woman down..."The Unsinkable Beth Turner" ;)

Anonymous said...

Turner round

its puuuuurrrrfect!

Anonymous said...

I like shelter of the discarded. Since that's what basically all of them are "discarded"

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Turner Round Rescue sounds good...we were thinking "no whiney, self important, snobby bitches allowed" pet cat rescue, but that might turn some people off. hehehe
Mom is whining herself, it's the middle of October and we have a litter of foster kittens here! Mom was picked up by our local Animal Control in the process of having the kittens!

Anonymous said...

Thought of an even better one. How about. "Life or Death" cat rescue.