Wednesday, October 20, 2010

ALMOST Wordless Wednesday

If you aren't singing this song compulsively by the end of the video, you need to turn up the volume:


JLi said...

ROFL!! The funniest thing was that he wanted to go back for more!!

Anonymous said...

i know i'm going to be the downer here, but i find that video terribly sad. where is that monkey's mother? with her is the only place he should be. and if he has been orphaned, why haven't they found him another monkey to care for him? same with the pig.

if you watch the original version of this video (without the music) you can hear a gang of people chasing the poor pig and monkey around the park/zoo (whatever it is) and laughing at them. it's more than obvious that the monkey is completely terrified when it's not with the pig.
pretty sure this is a big money maker for that zoo. i hate to think how they came to aquire the animals. and i shudder to think what happens to them when they get bigger and are not cute anymore.

the song is very catchy, but the video is just another example of humans taking advantage of animals in a way we never should.

House of the Discarded said...

Anonymous: Thank you for the insight. I didn't realize that this video had another version to it.

JLi said...

Possible that these people aren't on the up and up but whose to say this isn't some sort of sanctuary for babies abandoned by their mothers? I guess we'll never know.