Monday, October 18, 2010

A Drawer Sounds About Right

Ever since I resigned, I've been receiving some REALLY cute pictures of cats that I've either rescued or fostered.  I wish people knew how much this warms the soul for any foster parent to receive pictures like this:
I almost wish I could crawl in that drawer with him.  Sunday didn't turn out like I had planned.  I'll talk more about it tomorrow when I'm in a better frame of mind.  It's been a roller coaster of emotions today, and I'm ready to get off the ride. 

"Move over little orange dude, I'm coming in...!"


Jan's Funny Farm said...

Hope things start to look up soon. Roller coaster rides are only fun when you deliberately board one.

Anonymous said...

Courage/Strength- holding it together when everyone else around you would understand if you didn't.

You have both strength and courage Beth !!!

Caroline said...

Kudos to the adoptive parents who send updates, foster parents live for them!