Friday, October 15, 2010

On The Job

I've had a lot of fun reading all the names y'all think would be great for a cat rescue.  It's sad that the "market" is so saturated with rescues that it's not so easy to find a good name, that I don't have to spell, has available name and web presence AND (most importantly) represents what I want to do!  That being said, I've decided *IF* I were going to start my own rescue, I would call it:

Forever Home Cat Rescue

I think that will be the ticket :)  For now, that's the name I will use to do adoptions at the shelter.  I think it speaks volumes.
Kim sent me a list of the cats that are MOST urgent at the shelter.  Although ALL the cats are eventually killed, these are the cats that have lived in a tiny microwave-sized cage for a long time.  It horrifies me that after all they've been through, they could end up dead:

Mya- been here since July 26
Edison- been here since Aug 3
Mr. Billings-been here since Aug 11
Lema-been here since Aug 14
Siblings- been here since Aug 25
Kiara- been here since Aug 25
MaryKate & Ashley- been here since Aug 28
Ozzie- been here since Aug 30
Wylie- Sept 10
Brayton- Sept 11
Nadia- Sept 12
Rodney - been here since Sept 13
Randy - been here since Sept 13
Sherra - been here since Sept 27

All of the cats listed are healthy, vaccinated, dewormed, flea treated and desperate to be loved.  They are shelter favourites and very adoptable.
Please use the link to the right of this page that says, "Cats that Need to be Rescued Urgently", to see their pictures. 

Forever Home Cat Rescue is on the job and is meeting a prospective ADOPTER on Sunday!!! 

Happy days are here again!  :)  


Kea said...

Wow, good for you! Fingers crossed for this adopter.

Forever Home Cat Rescue is a fabulous name; love it!

Anonymous said...

*Love* the name. It's perfect.

Fingers crossed for the prospective adopter...Do you know how many cats this person is considering (I'm hoping 486 but 2 would be good as well...heck, 1 would be a result!)

Cindy (+ the boys)

Allison at Novice Life said...

you go Beth!

House of the Discarded said...

Cindy: I think just one...but that's one that didn't have a chance before, right?


Anonymous said...

Soooo Beth..when are going to register the name as a charity ??? we need a name and an account so we can donate !!!

Deb said...

Welcome Back! Look forward to watching you 'do your magic'. Hugs, Deb =^..^=x5

Debbie said...

You go girl!!
Nothing can keep you down :)

whitesocks said...

I am in shock at reading about how that board meeting, and deeply saddened that someone like you was treated like that. You are one of the most amazing people I know, a source of inspiration and hope for all of us. Thank you, Beth, for all you do for all those creatures society has 'discarded' for NO fault of their own. And thank you for all you do for us.
Perhaps some day I'll visit Canada, and if I do, I'd love to meet you! Many many many hugs.

Amy said...

Please let us know when Forever Home is registered as a charity. Maybe we could encourage all of the supporters/friends to donate, say, $10 a month if they can?

House of the Discarded said...

Amy: Yes! Thank you!