Monday, October 04, 2010

The Blog Title

I've been thinking this afternoon about the title of this blog being "House of the Discarded".  I know that many people think that this represents the shelters from which I rescue. 

But that isn't the case.

"House of the Discarded" is my house.  It's a house full of cats and a dog that nobody wanted and at one time were tossed out like garbage.  The title represents everything about my life, my home, those that I love, and love me back.  The title represents some my darkest moments in which I've publically shared them. 

Maybe that's why I relate to the cats in the shelter.  Maybe that's why you can relate to me.  We've all felt vulnerable, and discarded at some point in our lives.

Like the cats, dog and people I live with, I'm grateful for every day.



Thank you for taking the journey with me. 


Cindy said...

Well said Beth, it's the same story here :-) I have always had cats that nobody wanted and without fail they have been sweet, loving and wonderful. Sammy and Bertie are the latest in the long line and you know how brilliant they are :-)

I don't think this picture does New Guy justice quite yet but I couldn't wait to post it (I have to admit to being a little bit in love with him :D ) I already know I will be heartbroken (but happy for him!) when he goes to his forever home...


Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

No wonder I clicked with your blog right whole house is full of the "discarded", humans included.

Allison at Novice Life said...

Same here....the horses, dogs and cats were all unwanted and now they are treasures on our farm :)

West 40 Cats said...

You is such a pawsome person, dont evfur let anyone tell yous otherwise! All of us here at da west 40 were "discarded", wif out our crazy lady, and peoples like yourself, we dont know where'd we'd bees. Keep up da good werks!

Da Critters

Jenn said...

I understand, too. We have a bunch of misfits here, a three legged cat, and three and a half legged dog, and otherwise broken and abandoned and mistreated souls. But we make an amazing family together.

Crystal said...

Thank you for sharing your blog; I am sure your blog title and love of taking care of discarded beings is what we all have in common...Until I met you and all of those involved in rescue I truly believed I was alone in worrying about all of those free kitten signs, or dogs chained to dog houses during the deep dark cold days of winter. It is so wonderful to know how many people share this passion. It makes me feel like there is hope and one day all of us fur or no fur we will all have lives full of kindness and love.
The picture of the "new" guy brought the biggest happy he is being loved and cuddled! Thanks Cindy:)

Deb said...

You are welcome and you are the 'Real Deal" girl. Hugs Deb =^..^=x5