Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Staying In the Loop

I'm happy to announce that the 4 week old kitten from yesterday's blog post has been picked up from the shelter and is safe, loved and happy in a foster home.  Many *hugs* and thanks you's to Lisa and Gary who drove out to the shelter this morning to pick up the little girl.  Lisa already sounds smitten with her, so we'll see how quickly she is to part with her at 8 weeks.  (*LOL*) 

Thanks to a new manager at the shelter, I've heard a rumour that the "no public adoptions" policy is being reviewed and perhaps eliminated.  You heard right:  They are going to work towards opening the shelter for adoptions!!!   I'll believe it when I see it....but it's the first time I've heard that there are PLANS in the work.  Normally, I'd make a bigger hoopla about such news, but I don't want to be disappointed.

I've been keeping myself busy and am so happy when people email or call me with questions about a cat, etc.  It really makes me feel as if I'm still in the loop of things. 

I had a good time hanging out with Bella and Mr. Billings yesterday afternoon.  They each held vigil in separate washrooms.  Bella wasn't thrilled with my cats and caught me off guard with some serious snarling.  God, I hate how that sounds!  I'm sitting on the toilet combing my hair and Bella LUNGES at the door where one of the tabby's had an inquisitive paw.  I think I screamed out loud, but I may have blocked out the entire ordeal. 

Somehow, I managed to spend $400.00 at Winners (USA friends:  "TJ Maxx" or "Ross") and am being taken out to dinner too.  Sounds like David is happy with the extra time I've had lately and his newly stocked drawer full of clean underwear.  No more "back of the drawer undies" for MY husband! 

In the meantime, I'm following up with a potential adopter for a very frightened little Persian named "Zeus".  His Mom died and they've already euthanized his brother.  He sure needs a home:

Fingers are crossed for Zeus....


Kea said...

OMG, poor Zeus! Fingers crossed for him, definitely. I'm so sorry his brother was already euthanized, how cruel just to do that, to leave Zeus totally alone like that -- it's terrible enough that his human has passed away.

Hurrah for the little kitten; fabulous news, Beth.

As for Bella's lunging and snarling...I had to laugh; that's was par for the course in this house, with Annie and the boys, for the better part of 3 years. There's more peaceful co-existence now, but always hissing and spats daily. Such fun.

Maybe Bella will need to be an only kitty!

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

I can never understand why they kill one and leave the other. Either send them off together or keep them to adopt out together. Now poor Zeus is probably doubly hurt, he lost his mom and then his brother. Unless the other one was very sick, as in "he'll be dead in a week" sick with some incurable disease. We have a round of kitty colds going thru the shelter, all the sneezy kitties were put into the sick ward and are getting their meds and steam every day. Doesn't seem to have passed to any but the four in isolation, thank Bast!~Donna

Caroline said...

A new manager at Hell Hole 1?? Opening up for adoptions?? Tell me I'm not dreaming! I will think positive thoughts but also won't hold my breath, we are protesting at HH1 this Saturday at 12:30 rain or shine so who knows maybe better things are to come (paws crossed). Persians tend to go fast so I'm hopeful Zeus will get out. Special thanks to Beth, Lisa and Gary for rescuing "the Baby".