Saturday, October 02, 2010

A Saturday Morning Update

I don't usually wait this long between posts, but it's been a few days that have left me scratching my head and wondering what the heck is going on!  I spent one night in the Emergency Room with my son and another evening in the Emergency Room with my husband.  Both are totally fine now, thankyouverymuch.  But I'm exhausted! 

The day after the all-nighter with my son, I tried to compose an intelligent email and realized after pushing the send button that I what I responded with was totally lame.  I put on my robe and went back to bed.  Sometimes it's best just to keep your mouth shut. 

I'm happy to report that ALL of sad black cats from the rural shelter from my September 27th post have been rescued!   Of course, we're sitting here wondering where they're going to go, but at least they're safe.  The vet that neutered them said both cats drank 3 bowls of water immediately and ate 4 bowls of food.  It's a sad state that they don't properly feed the cats in their care. 

Foster parents Nicole and Shelley have rescued some little souls from the high volume shelter yesterday:

It was nice to see these guys sitting on a towel with a little toy in their cage.  I need a "kitten fix" too. 

Today?  I'm playing "Shuffle the cats".  We've had (far too many) emergency situations with several of our foster homes which have added to cats needing to be moved.  We're keeping our heads above water, but what we really need are a bunch of adoptions along with some new foster homes. 

Wow.  "Emergency situations".  "Need Adoptions".  "Need Foster Homes". 

Where have I heard that before? 


Kea said...

Lots of Light and hugs to you. I'm glad your son and husband are fine now. But 2 nights in the emerg? Oooh boy.

Beth, it's so tempting for me to say I'll adopt--whether via Toronto Cat Rescue or another organization in my area. I was tempted yesterday, two little black kittens from KHS, at one of the pet food stores, in a TINY cage and obviously in need of TLC. I was tempted today by two more from Gananoque (at least they looked healthier). I can't even pay the vet bills for the three I have, though (gotta love credit cards and lines of credit). I really hope you have a slew of adoptions, to GOOD forever homes, soon. Every time I see cats (young or old) in desperate need of homes (in other words, pretty much every day), I feel awful I can't help them.

But I'm crossing my fingers and the fur kids are purring hard that you do get those adoptions--and sooner than later.

Caroline said...

Sad to report that the protest at Hell Hole 1 was a no go, the organizer cancelled last minute due to the teaming rain. We hope to do one in the future, thinking of a car protest that could run rain or shine.
Beth I hope your son and husband are doing better, we care about them too!