Monday, September 27, 2010

"23" Is Never Enough

Saturday turned out to be a huge rescue day!  I'm proud to say that we rescued 23 cats from the rural shelter.  Organizing a rescue like this took volunteers working together like a well oiled piece of machinery.  Timing was everything. 

We had one foster home take SIX "teenagers".  At first she said she'd take 2 or 3....then she said "might as well make it 4".  Then the last email said, "I wouldn't turn down 5 or 6".  :)

Be very careful what you request - you'll always get what you asked for! 

The following are pictures of SOME of the cats left behind.  I didn't take the pictures and I've included the exact words made by the volunteer when she sent the picture:
Cat 8 Another purring, butting, flopping and rolling machine.
So excited that his legs won't hold him. Solid young male stray. Check out the floor of cage.

Cat 7 More begging and purring

Cat 3  Big tabby male purr machine. Bunting and twisting himself to get petted. Stray. Young with excellent young teeth. Hardly can turn around in tiny cage.

(Beth's note:)  This girl was rescued.  Her nosed is scraped/broken because she was separated from her 4 week old kittens.  She banged her face against the cage bars to try to get to them.  She has been reunited with her kittens.  She groomed them and purr'd.  Yes, I cried. :)

Cat 7 Young male - responsive beyond belief. Twists, rolls. butts. Eyes closed in ecstacy. Not so gorgeous but a real keeper.
Cat 5 He has food - not all do.

It's strange how leaving some of the cats has taken away so much of the glory of rescuing 23.  Seeing how these cats survive is almost more than I can bear.  Tonight, I'm going to concentrate on the little souls that have been rescued and are in loving homes.

But please look at the faces left behind.  Don't forget about them.  They need help.  Now.


Kea said...

23 isn't enough...but it's more than enough for those 23. Universal blessings to all involved in the rescue. Fingers and paws crossed for the others, Beth.

How could anyone get up in the morning, go to "work" there and not care?

I hope everyone who runs that so-called "shelter" rots in hell.

Too bad I actually don't believe in a literal hell (or heaven).

Calling for cosmic--and temporal!--justice, please!

House of the Discarded said...

Somebody just told me that the words "piece of shit" showed up at the end of this blog post. That's exactly what was at the end of the last blog post, where I accused my son's of writing it.

Looks like I owe my sons an apology and need to figure out what's going on.

Caroline said...

Congrats on getting the 23 out.

The leftover black cats have such character, I will pray they make it out soon at least now there is space there.

For those interested there is a peaceful protest planned for Hell Hole 1 on this coming Saturday, I plan to go, if you want particulars please email me, right now I don't have the exact time but I will keep in touch with whoever contacts me.

Allison at Novice Life said...

Congrats to all involved in the rescuing of the 23.....and I too will pray for those poor souls still purring to get out.

Lisa said...

Yay for the 23!!! Sending +++ love and prayers for the sweeties left behind.
Unfortunately, not today, but one day you will get a phone call from me saying "Take me to the hell-hole shelter and help me pick out at least 3 old/black/feral/injured/disabled/hopeless kitties to give a forever home to. What? There's 5? Sure...hubby can't count anyway. ;)

I can't thank you enough, Beth, for all the great work you do!!!!

Rad Winters, Alanologist said...

I wonder if someone is hacking into your blog.

Can you accept donations from individuals to help you in this work?

Sparkle said...

That was an amazing rescue! I know you wish you could have done more, but honestly, I don't know a cat rescuer who DOESN'T feel that way. And really, 23 cats - that's amazing. I will keep the ones left behind in my thoughts. What galls me is not so much this hellhole, but those humans who would take a cat or kitten there, and leave it.

Jenn said...

I have five of the younger ones from Saturday here. One of them purrs when you even so much as glance his way. Honestly, I carried him around in a sling last night because he wouldn't leave me alone, and he purred for a solid 70 minutes. My husband said if he had been left there, whoever came to kill him would have had to do it while the poor kitten purred at him. Heartless.

I'm SO grateful to everyone who helped pull these guys out.

AFSS said...

We cried when we read how hard the Mommy cat fought to be with her 4 week old kittens. We are so relived they were rescued and reunited. Purring that all the others get out of that horrible place and find loving homes.

Alexandra said...

Yes, you can donate (I did!)

You can click through to the Canada Gives website:

Or mail a cheque here:
Toronto Cat Rescue
P.O. Box 41175
Rockwood Postal Outlet
Mississauga, Ontario
L4W 5C9

PS - Beth, the link to Canada Gives off the TCR homepage doesn't work anymore - I think it needs to be updated!