Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Three Loved Cats

People who read my blog regularly, know that I'm a big advocate for rescuing and adopting senior animals. In April this year, I had put out an urgent plea to rescue "Turbo" and "George" who were a bonded twenty year old pair:

Only one person came forward and gave these "kids" another chance. Robin periodically has emailed me over the past few months to give me updates, etc. Sadly, George (orange tabby) passed away a month or two after his rescue. "Turbo" seemed to live up to her name and would live forever - until I received this from Robin this morning:


In April of this year, sight unseen, we took in a 20 year old, who was scheduled to be euthanized in a high kill shelter. Turbo’s owner had died and the family discarded her.

When we got her, a tiny thing of six pounds, her fur was heavily matted. After a visit to the vet, we discovered she had a heart murmur, bad teeth and advanced kidney disease.

... For the next five months, until September 17, we had the privledge of knowing and loving the amazing cat who came with the name of Turbo.

She didn’t want to leave the spare room she stayed in, so every day we would spend a couple of hours with her. As soon as we went in, she happily hopped onto our lap, purring away. Every day we made sure there was Turbo time!

(When she became ill) Reluctantly, we had our wonderful vet come to the house to help Turbo cross to the Rainbow Bridge. Her last moments were spent on my lap. I know nothing of her life prior to coming to live with us, but I know that we were lucky to have had these months with her. Rest in peace sweet Turbo.

I take comfort knowing she didn’t die in the shelter, that she had months of love, and died with dignity, in a loving home. Don’t we all wish that for ourselves and the ones we love, especially if we live to be 96 (20 cat years).

Adopt a senior cat – it may break your heart but you won’t regret it."

I'm sure y'all are thinking what I'm thinking: "Thank you for loving her."

On a happier note, I laughed out loud when I received an "After" picture of "Moe". Moe was a favourite ripped eared guy that I fell in love with at the shelter:

I remember crying with joy after his subsequent rescue and adoption when I received the following picture of Moe on his FIRST night in his new home:

Then I received the following picture on my Facebook page yesterday:

Looks like Moe has been....*ahem*... savouring every moment of his new life and family.

Three Loved Cats. I wish I could always post about cats who are loved. In fact, I'd really like to be out of volunteer job because there were NO cats that didn't have love.

Just thinking.


HomeToMany said...

Robin's email was so sweet. After having a cat that recently passed, although not a senior one, really touched me...because the truth of the matter is, we never know how long we have with our furry friends, no matter what the age and should cherish them everyday. I am so happy these older kitties got a second chance at happiness.

Just wanted to also let you know Beth that I am still here reading your blog everyday, just have not been posting as much. I still miss my Luke so much and wonder if the other cats know she is not coming back after 2 months. I have to stop thinking that way, that is when the guilt kicks in again.
Keep up the ongoing wonderful job you do.

Cat said...

Three loved cats indeed! What a great post and I agree wholeheartedly with Turbo's mum to die with dignity in a loving place...we should all be so lucky :-)

Anonymous said...

God Bless the people who took in George & Turbo and loved them till the end...you are special.

Moe looks so happy, healthy and loved even though his is a bit chubby. He's a lucky guy.

JenL said...

So sweet (wiping away tears) =)

Justine said...

Oh Beth, I'm sad and glad to hear about Turbo and George. Sad obviously but glad that they did indeed get months of love and they did not have to die at the shelter. I unintentionally adopted a somewhat senior cat when Chico turned out to be around 11 years old, and I'm sad that I won't have as much time with him, but it makes me cherish everyday more now :)

and YAY MOE!!!!! I remember the trouble you had getting him out of the shelter and I was so glad when you were finally able to, hehe and now look how happy he is :) Warmed my heart to see it, I can't wait to get back to rescuing when I'm home, sorry I'm missing kitten season, but I may be home now in the new year instead of April...hehe and you know that I'll be just like Shannon, on the phone with you to hook me up with some fosters!

House of the Discarded said...

Justine: YAY!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

As a new foster mom and after a particularly unsure evening with my new foster kitties, I was thinking maybe I'm not cut out for this! After reading this --- I remembered why I wanted to do this again! Thank you Beth!

Deb said...

There is a special place in my heart for the seniors too. I have adopted many over the years and the two Siamese were both adopted as seniors, one at 14 (10 years ago) and one at 20 (1 1/2 years ago) They are still healthy & doing fine. Ginny who will be 24 soon is now blind but is sitting on my knee in my office as I type this and purring her little old heart out. She manages well. Don't think twice about adopting a senior...they can give you many good years of companionship. Hugs, Deb

Caroline said...

Great story about Moe, Turbo and George. I think it's nice when a cat can die in a home environment knowing they are loved. Robin you did a great thing taking in those 2cats and I hope you do it again, although I know euthanasia is emotionally taxing. I think Moe could benefit from a "lion" cut.

Anonymous said...

Best blog post ever.