Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wagons Ho!

"The Move List" at the rescue has been growing again. I know the cats are dying in shelters as we scramble to move mismatched cats from one foster home into another (more appropriate) foster home. The juggling act becomes tiresome and stressful. I wish cats could come with a tag that said, "I want to be the only cat", or "I hate kids", or "I'll pee on your bed if you leave me alone too long."

Until cats come from the shelter with a tag that tells us what kind of home they need or want to be in, there will be "The Move List."

Fortunately, I screened a new foster Mom who has asked for a pregnant Mom cat and/or a nursing Mom. Imagine my excitement when she said she had TWO spare bedrooms and could take both. I sent out an email to some folks that might be interested in establishing a driving chain to rescue a pregnant Mom and nursing Mom to deliver to the new foster home 2.5 hours away. With my daughter in town, I knew it would be too much for me to do.

The emails started coming back in....

"Sure Beth, I can do it! Just not on Wednesday night."

"I can help for part of the trip, but only on Wednesday after 8:45 pm"

"Good news, Beth! Tuesday works for me between 1 pm and 3 pm"

I wanted to cry. :)

Thanks to Crystal and Kelly who made two LONG driving trips to get these little families into their foster home tonight.

Unfortunately, one of the kittens that were rescued from the rural (sh*thole shelter) had such bad pneumonia from the filthy conditions, passed away at the vets this afternoon. "I'm sorry little one that I couldn't rescue you sooner." Have I mentioned how much I hate that place?

I love when my daughter is here. Since I live with 3 men in the house, it becomes a true "Girl's Week" and nothing is off limits to discuss. We've been on the road a lot, and I keep looking for opportunities to move or drive cats while we're out doing "girl stuff".

She leaves Saturday morning which will leave me feeling despondent, but content to get on with my life of pee on the toilet seats, the smell of Axe body spray, and Call of Duty blasting from the family room.

Besides...I've got a mental rescue list a mile long. (More foster homes, please)


Crystal said...

sad:( do you know which little one was too sick...they were precious babies! while they were here for just an hour they were simply adored by my kids...kissed and cuddled every second. I am so sorry. Grateful the kitten didn't die in that horrible place...

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

So sorry about the kitten, at least he didn't die in the "hell hole". Having two girls plus a wife tought my hubby lots of little wiping off the seat when he was done and not only does he put the seat down, he closes the lid to keep the kitties from "swimming". He's tought the two son-in-laws some of these things too.

selkie said...

It's never easy, Beth - that is for sure ... Whatever ever happened to Chunks? Did you get another foster home or a permanent one? While you love your brown tabbys (you would LOVE my Fridge Cat) - the fat orange toms are close to my heart (and the haert of my 17 year old who has me tormented asking about him)

Kristen said...

Aww glad you're having a nice time with your daughter. The mother/daughter bond is a powerful agent against those men!!!

PS: I bet I could beat your son at Call of Duty... I'm a season vet on 1,2,4,5.


Hahaha.... I'm glad you are having good family time though Beth :) Sorry to hear about the little one. At least he died knowing people cared and were trying to save him. The rainbow bridge probably has a little devil of a playmate for him.

Julia.Davidovich said...

"content to get on with my life of pee on the toilet seats, the smell of Axe body spray, and Call of Duty blasting from the family room."

Truly the essence of man.

Excellent news about the foster mom!

Caroline said...

Hi Beth,

Ok what's the "Call of Duty"? I thought maybe the "hockey song" or wrestling, then I thought maybe they were calling you to get them something to drink, but from reading the comments I think it must be a video game. Axe is overpowering, it originated in England about 10 years ago, I know this because a guy I worked with over there was obsessed with it! I would steal the Axe and replace it with a nicer scent. If you steal it enough times, he'll probably stop wearing it!

Kudos to the foster Moms and drivers who rescued the pregnant Moms and their babies.