Monday, September 20, 2010

"Rosie" and Her Mom

I hadn't been to the high volume shelter in weeks, but when I had an opportunity to rescue a pregnant Mom (by request), I couldn't get out there fast enough.

I had the privilege of getting to know a new foster Mom and her 11 year old daughter, Rosie. They wanted to be foster parents together and experience the birth process. What a beautiful idea for something Mother and daughter could do together. Even her daughter's name was respectfully on the foster application next to her Mother's.

I had the shelter to myself on Sunday. Nobody was in the cat area and the cages had recently been cleaned. The cats had been fed and it was quiet. Gratefully, the cages were not marked for euthanasia yet, but I've been going there long enough to know who would be marked to die by looking at their cage cards.

There were quite a few pregnant cats that had come in over the weekend. The first one I picked up hated other cats and lashed out at the cage nearby. I sadly put her back knowing that she would die just because she wasn't suitable in the foster home who already has a cat.

Then I came to "Kendra's" cage. She purred the moment I picked her up and happily sniffed at the hissing cat next to her. Her picture (below) shows her with a towel, but she didn't have one yesterday. Her big pregnant belly sat uncomfortably on the metal cage.

When I met the mother/daughter team at the local Wendy's parking lot in the city, I knew who they were right away. The 11 year old was a darling little thing with bright red hair and freckles. She beamed when I handed her the cat carrier. I don't think I could've given Rosie anything that would've made her happier than this once discarded pregnant Tortoiseshell Mom cat.

With determination, Rosie declared that she was going to let Kendra sit with her while she did her homework, and take good care of her. There was no doubt in my mind that she was in good hands with Rosie. Her excitement and happiness was contagious and I found myself remembering why I do this important volunteer work.

Thank you, Rosie and many thanks to her Mom for showing her daughter about compassion, empathy and the love of animals.


Brian said...

That is so nice, made me smile really big!

Anonymous said...

Rosie is on her way or should I say she is...a true rescuer. Yeah Rosie !!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, what a wonderful, refreshing variation on the usual "miracle of life" situation where the housecat is left unspayed and the inevitable kittens are dumped once the "miracles" require vaccinations and well-screened homes.