Saturday, September 04, 2010

From The Inbox

Periodically, I like to post a few snippets of what comes into my email Inbox. Have a wonderful and safe long weekend. :)

"Her eyes are always full of green scum and she is always drooling and her nose hasshnot upon it.

"Why should I have to wipe a cat's ass?"

"I want to foster a nice cat, but a mean one would be ok too as long as he'll let me sleep at night."

"Beth, I am not interested in what you think would be helpful. Don’t send any further correspondence to me."

"Why do you charge an adoption fee? Wouldn't you adopt out more cats if they were free?"

"Would it hurt a cat if I dyed the tips of her fur pink?"

"I'm 10 years old and I love cats. Tell my Mom to buy me a cat."

"My apartment already feels empty without the big guy. I am ready to take on my next foster-cat roommate, Beth!

(From my 19 year old son) "I cleaned the poop in the basement, but it was still warm and I gagged."


Debbie said...

Your son and my daughter have something in common.
My little girl had irritable(?) bowl syndrom.She was pooping in all the wrong places.My daughter was a trooper and cleaned it all up(alot)
I can't believe what some people say/ask!!!
Thanks Beth :)

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

That last one made me laugh. My nephew was helping me in the garden when he was about 8. He was breaking up clumps of dirt and one wouldn't break. He came up to me held out his hand with the clump of "dirt" and told me "this one is really hard and won't break" to which I replied "that's because it's petrified cat crap". The look on his face was price-less but the screaming, running and sudden need to wash his hands repeatedly really made us laugh.~Donna

Sparkle said...

Those emails certainly run the gamut!

BTW, do you think it would hurt a human if I dyed the tip of her nose purple?

Justine said...

lol the last one cracks me up the most I think!

Sarah-Jane said...

I get the whole why should i wipe a cats butt I do this for our cat about every day and the answer is...cause my carpets are happier when I do. our not so little kitty is a little skinnier since she has been with us. I am not sure she has figured out she has a butt to clean just yet.

House of the Discarded said...

Sparkle: LOL!

Alyssa said...

LOL! The one that really made me laugh was the one about fostering a nice vs. mean cat.

On another note, if someone didn't want helpful information, why did they contact you?

Also, the person who wonders about wiping a cat's ass has obviously never had a dog with fluffy hair. Sometimes, you just got to wipe its butt. You learn to deal with it.

CanuckPet said...

I think I said something similar to
"I'm 10 years old and I love cats. Tell my Mom to buy me a cat."
when I was young, I even brought a baby fox home once!

I too wonder about the person who doesn't want helpful info, next time just scream insults at her since she seems to prefer that

Anonymous said...

Man, there are definitely days I wish I didn't have to wipe my cat's butt, but lets be serious ... it happens to every cat once in a while, and to special needs cats more often than that.

In my ideal world, my disabled cats would know how to clean their own butts, but this is not the reality I live with. Oh well. Back to cleaning up cat poop off the floor and walls! :D

I comfort myself with the knowledge that it is less work than kids. :) :) :)

Caroline said...

A suggestion for cleaning bums, use baby wipes!