Friday, September 10, 2010

A Friday Mix

It's another victory for the rescuers! What was an urgent plea for two cats a few days ago - Click here to read - turned into a rescue for a PAIR. I found out after the posting that the 15 year old black cat, and the 7 year old heavily matted white cat were surrendered to the shelter as a pair from the same home.

As I type this blog post, they are being rescued from that horrific shelter!!! There's quite a few people responsible for their rescue. Quite a few unselfish people took time from their day (and pocketbooks) to make sure these sweet cats had a place to go.

Rewind: When I called the rural shelter this morning to let them know somebody was coming for them, the worker said in an incredulous voice: "WHAT? The FAT white one and the OLD one? Why do you want to rescue THEM? I can't guarantee that I'll even be at the shelter at 1:00. Nobody's been cleaned or fed yet - I'm busy."

Nice. Real nice. One person works the shelter. When she's busy, everybody sits in their own excrement with empty stomachs. God, how I hate that place.

While others were busy rescuing the senior pair, I was picking up another cat who had been rescued some time ago from that same shelter and taking her into the city to her new foster Mom. I love meeting new people and her foster Mom didn't blink an eye that the kitten was so thin, and her coat so dull. Her hands were so gentle and her voice so kind as she touched the kitten. Good stuff :)

***Begin Rant Here***

On another note, I've been thinking about dropping my Facebook account. I'm friends with many other animal rescue folks, and for that I've loved being able to easily communicate with people and groups. So what's the problem? Pictures. Pictures are the problem. Every time I log into my Facebook account, I'm inundated with horrific animal pictures and videos.

I know everybody's heart is in the right place, but this morning's picture involved a picture of a cat with an arrow shot through him.

*End Rant Here*

I'm going to end this post with wishing everyone a Happy Friday. Life is good and I'm seeing a slowing of the kittens coming into the shelter. (Or is it my imagination?)

I feel good things starting to happen...


Kea said...

Hurrah for "the FAT white one and the OLD one!" That is the perfect way to wind up the week. A pox on that employee.

I'm so glad I don't do Facebook. Truly.

I hope YOU have a good weekend, Beth, that you have the opportunity to renew your Self.

Erika said...

Aww Beth, facebook sounds like a horrible place for you. I couldn't imagine logging in and seeing that. Perhaps you could try blocking those who put up things like that and then still enjoy facebook. I'm glad those kitties were rescued for you. Is there anyway that this so called "shelter" could get volunteers to help out with cleaning and feeding? students who need community hours etc?

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

What the hell is wrong with that woman, you'd think she'd be over joyed that someone was willing to rescue those two, or any cat from there. And what was she busy doing, her nails? Why weren't the carriers cleaned and the cats fed FIRST? Even prisoners are treated better. I've become somewhat "immune" to the graphic pictures, not the intent behind them, but the pictures themselves.

Brian said...

Yes, there are lots of awful pics on Facebook. But you just never know when that one person will see your post there and save a life. We adopted/rescued our last one (Dolly) from a Retweet on Twitter...she might not of made it otherwise. You just never know.

Great saves and a great way to start the weekend. Bravo!

Sparkle said...

I am SO happy to hear that those two kitties were rescued! And so mad about the attitude of that human who worked at this facility!

I know it's frustrating, but do consider keeping your FB presence. While a lot of us do link to some of your blog posts on FB to help spread the word, it is also helpful to the kitties who need rescue if you are on there yourself. You never know where help will come from.

Justine said...

Some people are...well I don't really have the words, and some people are capable of truly horrible things. Made me a little happy though, this morning I read in my Vancouver paper that these teens who beat a cat to death and bragged about it on facebook are now being charged with animal cruelty and are facing up to 5 years in prison and a hefty fine, good!

AFSS said...

So glad they got rescued.

Anonymous said...

Thanks goodness you got them out, Beth! It was breaking my heart and I very nearly came forward to say I would give one of them a temporary home, but we are still working to integrate Jeannie in with our other cats and she still uses our 'foster room' as a base. Our other rescue (Waltz/Atticus) still gives her a hard time. They had a dust up tonight and Jeannie is sitting here beside me now with a couple of good scratches on her nose, poor kid. I told Atticus if he doesn't shape up, he's going back to the shelter (okay, not really ;-)...Shannon

Allison at Novice Life said...

Beth - I know what you mean regarding fb. I am friends with a 'horse rescue' whose term of rescue I use loosely. They are supposedly rescuing tons of horses from the slaughter pipeline and I myself now how hard it is to do that for even just two horses and ensure proper homes and they are posting at least 100 horses a week. Everytime I see those pics it breaks my heart. I just pray they are all in safe places.

On a happier note, how WONDERFUL for the pair!!

CanuckPet said...

Great news on the rescue

I have so many people blocked from posting stuff on my facebook sometimes I wonder why I bother with it anymore too

Caroline said...

Hi Beth

Good news with the rescue they were in my prayers.

On a personal note, I would like to foster a cat starting November 1st but I will need cat sitting for February 2nd-13th in 2011 ( all my fosters have stayed at least 6 months). I will provide pet sitting for the other party's fur kids in return.
Someone in the Toronto, Markham or Richmond Hill preferably. Please email me at

PS I emailed the mayor and clerks of Hell Hole 2 and kindly told them they needed to increase their funding for their animal control.

Anonymous said...


I tried to volunteer at this hell hole but they do not accept volunteers due to liability...a lame excuse if you ask me. I need experience to get into vet school, so I could have benefitted them but I think they know how crappy their cat situation is and are hiding it.

@Caroline Can you pass along the email info you used? I too would like to send them a very politically correct criticism of the standard of care that should be given at their animal control and that not only their funding needs to increase for these purposes but they need to ensure adequate care in lieu of lazy employees. They should accept the onus of care and make it humane.


Also consider putting people on limited profile and upping your security. Sometimes I really think an eye-for-an-eye would get the picture across to people who are cruel and inhumane. The best part is that the lack of understanding how similar we are to all mammals and even the similarities we possess to that of a fruit fly, yes I think twice about killing a fruit fly. We really are very similar in so many ways to all of our fellow mammals and in case people forgot, WE ARE ALSO ANIMALS...dumba*%&*#!! But regardless, networking is important and can save lives. Best to just try and up your security settings and restrict some people who post this stuff. I cant handle it.