Thursday, September 23, 2010

Breathing Easier

Today was a far less stressful day.  Everything seemed to fall into place.  Phone calls were made, people actually answered their phones and problems were resolved quickly.   Just as I thought I might have a mini-meltdown, the email came in that said, "I can help!", and the issue was checked off the list. 

I wish life could be that way all the time. 

Last night I spoke with a woman who had a complaint.  The conversation lasted 3 minutes and ended with her saying "F you" and hanging up when she didn't get her way.  I'm incredulous that a complete stranger can talk like that to another person.  Y'all know I'm no Baptist Preacher, but....*sigh*

The sad news is that at the piece of shit rural shelter there are an enormous number of 10-12 week old kittens right now.  They're all sitting in their own filth and have no room in which to play.  Some of them are alone in a cage and it's just killing me to think of them there.  If you can help one or two and encourage others to step forward, I'd be forever grateful.  To remind you what we're dealing with:

I'm glad I don't live really close to this place.  I feel like my heart hurts whenever I think about it.  How could anyone with a conscience leave their pet there?  How desperate would you have to be? 

Tonight, I'm having dinner with a couple of fellow rescuers to discuss administrative stuff.  I'm grateful that my head is feeling better and more productive than it did yesterday.  Heaven help me if I had to have a meeting the way I felt yesterday!

Maybe now I can roll up my sleeves and get back to rescuing some cats.  Please let me know if you can help any of the kittens the shelter.  They don't have much hope and I feel like we're their last chance.


Sparkle said...

Shared on my Facebook page - not sure how many followers I have local to you, but hoping that some will spread the word.

Laurie said...

Beth, if the kittens don't need much space, I think that Tim can take one or two, he has a pretty big room available. I'm waiting to hear about Alberta, and whether or not she is coming back with us or not... I would love to take one or two if possible...

Anonymous said...

how do these Fu people get your phone number?