Monday, March 01, 2010

It's My Birthday and I'll Cry if I Want To

I woke up with the intention of going to the shelter, but was sidetracked (or..sideblasted) by a family crisis that kept me home. Things will be ok, but am still feeling rather crummy about the incident.

Rather than have a pity party for myself and not write about rescue today, I thought I'd post some pictures of several of the cats at the shelter that have been there way too long:

"Malcom" is a wonderful boy! He's got the big Tom Cat cheeks and has been at the shelter more than a month. He's very depressed and desperately needs to get out.Although this picture shows two Tortoiseshell sisters, only one sister has survived. "Sally" lost her sister when the shelter euthanized her sister and not Sally. Sally needs to be out of the shelter and desperately needs a chance at a better life. Can you imagine that she probably watched her sister die?

I fell in love with "Kenyana" while at the shelter last week. She tried so hard to get my attention. Unfortunately, female cats don't do well at my house and I couldn't take her home. She's probably about 1 year old and a little doll!!

Ahh....little "Butterfly"! She's not really "little", but has a most endearing pouch. She leaps up whenever somebody walks by - makes me wonder if she's waiting for her family to save her.

Tomorrow, I'm picking up Steve and his little gimpy duo for a vet visit. I'm looking forward to seeing them all and getting an update.

Tonight? I'm licking my wounds and grateful that I'm too old to have any more children.


Justine said...

Oh dear, Beth why do you do this to me? haha. I'm going to the shelter tomorrow to pick up a pregnant mom, Arabelle, Callie Rose, and another family if they're available. (only the one pregnant mom is for me! the other 3 are for other foster families in the area) And I promised myself that I would not take home another adult cat because I have no room....but after seeing your pictures I begin to think "well there is still the bathroom..."

I really hope someone comes forward to get those cats out of the shelter!

Julie said...

Hahaha Justine!! You will have really no room when both your pregnant kitties have their kitties:) I also have no room, but it really breaks my heart to see Sally all alone. I would take her in a heart beat if my female didn't HATE other females. Oh and if I didnt already have 3!!! I will spread the word and post the link everywhere I can!!!

Caroline said...

Happy Birthday Beth!
Why would the shelter euthanise Sally's sister if they were sharing a cage? That doesn't make any sense!

Anonymous said...

Sorry you had a tough day, Beth. Hugs to you...and what a great idea, putting out those pics and write-ups of those kitties.I wish I could take 'em all :(.

House of the Discarded said...

Caroline: The sister became sick with URI. Normally, it's not a big deal, but she was a bugger to force feed. It's easier to euthanize her than to deal with it, I guess. :(

Justine said...

Oh wasn't until I read URI on here that I understood what it meant when my doctor put that on my doctor's note, yay I have an Upper Respiratory Infection just like the cats I rescue! :P

Caroline said...

Thanks for the explanation Beth!