Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Staying Busy

I went back to the shelter today to rescue a VERY cute little pregnant girl named "Bria":She was HUGE and no doubt will deliver soon. Her foster Mom was so happy to have her. I bet she'll have some cute kittens! I can hardly wait to see pictures of them when they arrive.

We had another referral and a new foster Mom that stepped forward and offered to rescue a "Friendly female who likes other cats". All the way to the shelter I had prayed that "Trinity" would like other cats. She had been at the shelter for such a long time and this seemed to be a wonderful opportunity to get her out of there:

I carefully held Trinity up to a couple of hissy unneutered male cats and a few hissy female cats. She just looked at them like "What's your problem, bud?" Bingo! She would be good to go and I put her in the crate. As I type this post, she's in my downstairs washroom. I had put a bunch of cozy blankets on the ceramic floor with her litterbox. She comes out of the carrier and slithers under the wash basin. NO blankets under there. *sigh*

While I was at the shelter, Siamese Rescue was there are rescued "Ally" a VERY old little blind Snowshoe:
I was really hoping somebody would step forward to rescue her. She is such a delicate little lovebucket. She was the only cat I had ever met that could hiss AND purr at the same time! LOL She would hiss when you opened her cage because she couldn't see you, but would purr with hope you were a good guy to get her the hell out of there!

David took the day off today. He has a nasty cold and decided to work from home. The whole day I felt like I had to look busy. It's really ridiculous, but he was really cramping my style. He's coughing and looks pitiful while he worked from his computer. The cats were THRILLED he was home today. When I came home, there were 3 cats sitting on his desk. :)

The shelter was packed today with new arrivals. I didn't bring my camera so will go back tomorrow and post new pictures. They all looked so frightened and many were under the sheet of newspaper that is given them. The vet comes Friday to euthanize the unfortunate ones. I hope I can get in and out of there before the cages are marked again.

It just hurts too much.


Caroline said...

Good job Beth! I'm also glad the Siamese got out and the preggers Mom, I miss not having babies right now, I still remember all my furry babies and their cool individual personalities. Especially at 4 weeks when they come out of their den and their tail is anchoring them, so cute!

Did the family I referred to you foster anyone?

We needed a picture of David with the cats!

Anonymous said...

YAY!! Trinity got out! Thanks so much Beth! The staff weren't liking her so much she got out in the nick of time! Thankyou!