Monday, March 15, 2010

A Moment of Reprieve

Usually, Monday is a rescue day for me. But I'm home sick thanks to an affectionate husband who gave me his flu. I'm not really sick enough to be in bed all day, but due to the recent inattention of the youngest son, my car is at the dealer being repaired.

The story of the car gets better...err..worse. I receive a frantic call on Sunday afternoon from the same kid. He hit ANOTHER curb and screwed up his own car! He basically eliminated 50% of the family's transportation in a weekend. My car repair cost will be $4000.00, and his will be $1000.00.

If you're thinking about having kids, or another my last two blog posts - twice. It's great birth control. *sigh*

I'll rent a car tomorrow. Staying home today was probably good for me to try to get better.

In the meantime, I was able to catch up on some emails and received a lovely follow up story on a cat named "River". River was a cat that was rescued in June last year. I wrote in my blog that she had one of the saddest pictures I had ever seen:

She was adopted by a lovely sounding lady and I really never heard anything else until yesterday: (edited for length)

"Dear Beth:

We have never met, but I thought I'd introduce myself to you as I recently adopted one of "your" rescue cats from Hamilton's high-kill shelter - River. I am over the moon with River. She is the most wonderful little girl.

I wanted to write you, first of all, because I understand you were the one who was there when River was brought in so you have had a special interest in her. I also understand that you described River as one of the saddest cases you'd ever seen when she arrived - and that is saying something, given your long-standing devotion to animal rescue! So I thought you'd like to know - and see - how River has turned out.

I wanted to tell you about an article I wrote about River for Vitality Magazine (an alternative health magazine you may be familiar with?) - March 2010 issue. It is called The Story of River and it is for the inaugural Pet Health column, which I pitched to the editor a while back...

Thank you for being part of bringing River to me. She's my little honey. I cannot imagine my life without her now, or who could have given her up with such disregard."

She attached this picture:

After receiving the email and pictures, I forgot all about my recent kid problems. It was incredible to wallow in the joy and to focus on the bigger picture. My cars will be repaired and my son will go off to University in the fall.

My life is a good one. I wonder if "River" knows that she saved me today. :)


Shannon said...

Forget kids, your posts make me glad I don't have a car :)

Anonymous said...

I hope you'll feel better soon (flu-wise and car-wrecker-kid-wise )...

I am so glad River's new family sent you an email (and what a lovely email it was!). It's just the ticket to bolster your spirits :-) I know I always love getting updates about former foster cats.

I know you get to see the pics of my two on facebook and I know I probably have thanked you lots of times already but let me do so again :-) Without you, we would never have had the pleasure of their company, and what a pleasure it is!

Bertie hops onto your shoulder (I think he thinks he's a parrot) to be carried around like that all day and Sammy plays fetch like a little dog...Is it any wonder we couldn't say goodbye to these two?

so, thank you...again :-) and feel better soon :-)


whitesocks said...

Love your post, and River's mommie's story: thank you, both! My black baby Akie was dumped in a box in an empty house in our neighborhood (can you imagine!) -- and she looked very much like the pathetic River picture. Very sick, sneezing etc. We took her to the vet, fostered her, and eventually adopted her. Like River, she is our darling, and the sweetest love-bug EVER. Looks exactly like River's "after" pic, too. The miracles love can do :)!