Saturday, March 20, 2010

Goodbye To "Doug"

My little "Doug" has just gone off to his new home. I always take it as a good sign when the foster cat greets the family at the front door. Not only did Doug greet the family, but he also spent the entire time with them in my family room playing. All good stuff!

Of course, an adoption wouldn't be complete without a bit of drama. Doug made quite a fuss getting into his carrier. I hate when that happens. I want him to understand that he's going into a WONDERFUL home that has a 7 year old little girl that is going to love him. There's also another cat named "Buddy" that desperately wants a friend to play with him.

But nooooooooo....Doug had to make me feel guilty by scratching at the carrier and begging to get out. I could feel my eyes start to burn with tears, but there was no doubt that I was doing the right thing for Doug.

For those of you who foster ANY companion animal; never underestimate how brave you are! It takes courage to let them go, and courage to bring in a new foster knowing that you might be hurt when they leave.

The adopter took my email address and promised pictures of Doug with his new brother (partner-in-crime) "Buddy". I hope he remembers, because I care. I always will.

Have a beautiful life, Doug. :)


Deb said...

Good for you. Another happy ending. Have a great, restful weekend. Deb

Crystal said...

*tears*...I am reading this post as I am getting ready to say goodbye to my special foster girl Molly.
I know she going to the most amazing home and will be loved and spoilled unconditionally. I realize that I am just a small step in her journey through life; and even though I know this; letting her go still hurts like hell! The only thing that makes this heartbreak bearable is knowing I can make a difference to another innocent soul.
Thanks for sharing Beth:)

Julie said...

now I'm crying too. that's exactly how I feel when my fosters leave, esp since I always seem to have them so long! I look up at the ceiling, close the door and hope the adopter sends photos. Glad Doug will be in a loving, happy home with a little girl who is learning young about cat rescue.

Caroline said...

Wow Beth you have an amazing turn around time getting your foster cats adopted. I think the tabby Charlie Brown would be a good next bet for you, he is very unique in appearance.

Anonymous said...

I totally know how you feel! Jenny and Jupiter got adopted yesterday. Their new parents are in the process of moving and will be picking them up on April 1st, so I have some time to say goodbye, but it's still never easy.

I spent so much time and effort on them - a million vet visits, two hour forced feedings for week, sleepless nights wondering if they would all still be alive when I woke up ... and now they are leaving.

I just keep looking at their intake picture and thinking, "without me, they wouldn't me alive". And that's good enough reason to keep going on this animal rescue mission, even if I will miss them like crazy.


Justine said...

Oh Beth, your post has got me with tears in my eyes, and my kittens are no where near ready for their new homes yet (they're only 2 weeks old) but I'm just imagining how hard it will be to let them go, they're the first I've raised from birth...okay shutting away those thoughts for another 6 weeks or so!

oh and I do hope someone rescues Charlie Brown! His picture caught me on the site, but I'm full up and already committed to take Rennie in a week