Tuesday, March 16, 2010


At the risk of sounding like one of those parents who whip out a billfold of pictures laded with an assortment of kid photos in every possible cute position, I've decided to post some pictures of my foster kid "Doug" ( in every possible cute position, of course)

When Doug first arrived, I had a moment of panic because my own cats started really picking on him. (Many thanks to Susan who offered to take Doug if things couldn't be worked out)

Usually, when I get a foster cat they explore, greet my cats, use the litterbox and have a snack. Not Doug. He slithered down the stairs to the basement and hid under the guestroom bed.

Did I make a mistake? Would he be one of those "timid" or "shy" cats where I'd have to use another creative adjective to describe him in his bio for the adoption page?

I would go downstairs and scoop up Doug in my arms and kiss him. He wasn't skittish in the least bit! In fact, he LOVED to be kissed and held. I would bring him upstairs and we'd walk around the house together. "Theeeere's Mommy's bedroom....There's the T.V....Theeeere's the upstairs litterbox...." Within 5 days, Doug was part of the family. Not only was Doug part of the family, he's become my little shadow and follows me everywhere I go. Heaven forbid I try to close the door to the washroom. He sits outside the shower until I'm finished. Believe me, if Doug could hold the towel for me, he would. Doug is 5 months old of pure teenager (Only Doug won't wreck my car.) - complete with the big feet and skinny body. He's one of these cats that doesn't cause any trouble and is always game for a kiss. I'm so glad I stuck it out with him. Shame on me for being so impatient.

Sometimes it pays to take your own advice.


whitesocks said...

What a darling. I'd adopt him in a heartbeat if I could :(.

Anonymous said...

Doug is identical to my Bailie! Same bathroom behaviours too!

Julie said...

Aww, I love Doug - he looks so sweet. I love his food plate up on your countertop too! That's where I feed mine when I don't want the others mowing down on someone else's breaky.

House of the Discarded said...

Julie: I was hoping nobody noticed the food on the countertop! LOL