Monday, March 29, 2010

A Cup of Rescue and a Teaspoon of Guilt

It was very exciting for me to receive an offer to rescue "Malcom" last night:

Malcom had been at the shelter for THREE months in a tiny cage. He was one of Kim's favourites and despite my best efforts couldn't get him out any sooner. I think Malcom knew that something good was going to happen today. I snapped this picture of him right before he was put in the carrier to leave the shelter. Many thanks to Shannon for stepping up and helping him. (I think she'll be pleasantly surprised - he saw the cat "Bob" the vet clinic cat and was rubbing him happily) I think I gasped out loud when I saw the The World's Cutest Orange Kitten (TWCOK) in a cage. I couldn't resist taking him home as a new foster kitten for myself:

Check out the ears on this little monkey! He looks like he could take flight! :)

I haven't figured out a name for him, but as usual, will default to "Cute Orange Guy." He's probably about 9 weeks old and I love him already. Here comes a heartbreak when he's adopted. :)

In all honesty, I feel badly about taking this cute kitten when there are so many not-so-cute cats that need help more. I don't know how to juggle this emotion sometimes. To ease my guilt, I made a phone call to a wonderful foster Mom while en route home. I thought that maybe if somebody else fosters him I wouldn't feel so guilty about taking such a cute kitten.

It's a tough balance for me with my own cats. I can't take a big adult cat like Malcom because my big white cat Ozzy will start to pee in the sinks again. *groan* If I stick with kittens and "teenagers" under 6 months of age, my house remains peaceful:

Unfortunately, "Guilt" is part of the territory when you rescue as often as I do from the shelter. I'm always making choices and leaving somebody behind. I wasn't able to visit with Moe because the guilt was overwhelming and I felt like I let him down on Saturday.

Just for today I'm going to reassure myself that I did the right thing for me, my family and my own cats. I'll enjoy my small rescue and victory and leave the guilt behind because they all need help - the big, the small, the pretty and the ugly.

I'll remind myself that I'm not the one that abandoned and discarded these cats at the shelter.


Anonymous said...

Will it helps if *I* tell you that you did the right thing? Well you did!

My mom squee'd when she saw the little orange guy. She said he looks an awful lot like my kitteh-brudder Ripley and his sister, Molly (who went to the Rainbow Bridge) when they were babies. She said that they both had humongous ears, too. A petsitter even once asked her if they were a special breed cuz of those Most Huge ears. BOL!

Wiggles & Wags,

whitesocks said...

You do so much, Beth, and have saved so many little lives :). As far as I'm concerned, you always do the right thing. And totally deserve all our love and respect!

But you're right. Sadly, that sort of 'guilt' is totally a part of animal rescue, esp. when you have to make choices. But sigh, if all the world only had THAT sort of 'guilt,' what a wonderful loving world we'd have :)!

whitesocks said...

PS: TWCOK is a great name in itself :). I've been trying to play with how to pronounce it...tweecock? (umm, too potentially obscene and emasculating ;-))

Dog Foster Mom said...

Awwww, the little orange guy is so cute! And please, don't feel guilty - you did a good thing by rescuing who you could. One time I brought home what I thought was the cutest kitten in the world to foster (also an orange kitten!) and when I got home my husband told me he was ugly. So too bad for him that I ended up adopting Merlin a few weeks later. :-) Like you said, they all need saving, so anytime you can save one, cute or ugly, young or old, its still a life that has been saved.

Justine said...

Oh dear, Shannon might be right! She's been kidding me that after Malcolm's quarantine is done at my place I won't want to let him go...those eyes! No, I'm going to MAKE her take him lol.

and what a cute little guy that you rescued! No guilt Beth, you said it, you weren't the one who abandoned them at the shelter in the first place, and no worries, plenty of cat crazy foster mom's like me to take the others, well as many as we can at least I guess.

Looking forward to meeting you tomorrow!

Laura HP said...

I know what you mean about feeling guilty for taking ones because they're cute...I always felt bad that our rabbit was the nicest one up for adoption. But the next one heading our way is old, plain-looking, with cataracts, so I guess it balances out!
Even the cute nice ones need to be rescued by someone. You rescue soooo many, Beth, I don't think you should ever feel guilty!

And I agree, I like TWCOK as a name!

Julie said...

I REALLY give you all credit for being able to foster. I just keep them all and am currently at 3 in a bachelor pad!! hahah

LOVE the work you do every day Beth. If you ALWAYS choose the less fortunate looking cats then you would be never giving the cute ones a chance:) Looking at it this way, you can feel less guilty about taking this little guy! They all deserve a chance, cute, ugly, shy, crazy, fat, thin...

Justine this black and white guy- sounds like Shannon may have to find another foster;)

Caroline said...

Well if your big white polar bear had to pee somewhere better in the sink because at least you can just wash it down!

Shannon said...

Malcom's rescue is a joint effort. Justine and I are terrible influences on each other . . . to the benefit of the cats.

And Beth, I get the guilt thing. I wish that I had room for Moe. I wish I had room for one more but I'm already in the double digits with 6, 6 week old kittens who are RUNNING the place.

Christine Gittings said...

Hi Beth,

I've sent you a message on Facebook as I know a couple who are looking for an orange tabby. They've been asking if our Cider is available for adoption but I've assured them she's not.
They're great cat people!


Debbie said...

Finally, you came to the orange side!!!!
I knew you would some day!
As you know I love the orange ones :0)
He looks like a "Batty" with those ears.
I am sure he won't be with you long.

Deb said...

You did what you were supposed to do that day. There is a reason that the kitten came home with you. You'll see. I used to go through what you are feeling whenever I would bring home a cat from the local shelter. I guess we want to help them all, today, this minute. Remember you are only one person and you are doing more for these cats than most others. Be happy for that reason. Hugs Deb

Lisa said...

I'm soooo with you on the guilt thing, Beth! I'd love to foster but my female is such a jealous princess, she BARELY tolerates my male. I wanted to adopt him out so I could rescue another, but since he's the only other cat my female has put up with, I'm keeping him.

Any rescue is a rescue. cute, ornery, moody, playful. The plus side of fostering a cutie is knowing they'll get a home soon, and then you're open for another.

...and with those satelite-dish ears, I think you should name him "Radar". ;)