Friday, March 12, 2010

The Cool Car

It's weird when you wake up in the morning anticipating exactly how your day is going to go, but it doesn't work out at all the way you had planned. Maybe I'm getting old and set in my ways.

Yesterday, while I was at the shelter I rescued a darling little senior girl named "Gertie":

What a surprise to have a foster home come forward for her! She's such a little lovechop. :)

I had anticipated taking her to meet her foster family today, but the vet called and said Gertie had one infected tooth that "REALLY" needed to come out. Soooo...Gertie remains at the vets.

Maybe it's just as well, since my car is out of commission today...

My sons are under the impression that I drive a "cool car" and often ask me if they can drive it on dates, quick errands etc. - even though they both have their own cars. I'm not stupid - I'm sure they drive it too fast, with the stereo up too loud and act like idiots. Sure enough - I get "the call":

Son: Mom. Don't panic. Everything is OK, but two of your tires blew out and the car is in the ditch.

Me: TWO? Are you ok?

Son: Oh sure. I'm fine. But the rims are busted and there was a "BOOM" when the tires blew out.

***Fast forward to the car dealership...

Dealer: Um...Mrs. Turner...whomever drove your car REALLY screwed up the tires. They were driving too fast and hit something really hard to cause this kind of damage. I have no idea what else is wrong with the car until we look at it. It'll be ready next week.

Me: Must. Kill. Son.

***While this has nothing to do with cat rescue, I sure feel better writing about it. I've decided that teenage boys basically have no brain at all, and I don't think that anyone with a teenage son will disagree with me.

Although I love my car, I think it's ridiculous to have a "cool car" for cat rescue. Maybe I was having a midlife crisis when I bought it two years ago, or maybe I felt like I deserved a "cool car". Regardless, it's really lame to have something that doesn't really fit in with my lifestyle.

Although I could probably solve the problem simply with a $.99 rainbow sticker on the back windshield and a "I love my cats" bumper sticker.


Anonymous said...

HA! I love that idea. I say go for it. :)


Kate said...

Haaaaaaahahahaha! Ok, when you find an "I love my cats" bumper sticker, get me one too and I can put it on Garret's "Cool car" to add a little bit of my flair to it.

There's nothing wrong with having a "cool car", so long as you don't drive it like a "cool douchebag". Which you don't, by the way! We've tailed you home from Hamilton a few times so I know first hand :)

Lisa said...

That's why my brother gave his big old gas guzzling bronco to the kids. If they're in an accident, they'll be safe since it's like a bloody tank and it goes through gas like crazy so they can't afford to 'joy ride'. 0-60 is about 5 minutes so that rules out drag racing. It's one step short of driving a school bus with rubber tires wrapped around it for bumpers. Sexy!

Shannon said...

When my brother was younger and newly licensed, he borrowed moms car to run errands for her. I grew up in northern Ontario and on a rural highway, he went through a deer, through a ditch and wrapped it around a car. Fortunately he was fine, but to this day he maintains he slipped on some ice. Everyone else thinks he was flying. And now in his late 20s, he still drives like a maniac.

NoviceLife said...

Now we are all in anticipation.....what kind of 'cool car' do you have? :)

And Gertie does look like quite the love chop!!

Caroline said...

Ha, Beth definitely get the bumper stickers! That will keep the little monkeys away! How about a "Sexy Momma on Board!" sticker too?

Yay Gertie, I was hoping she would be freed!

Anonymous said...

Strap a car seat in the back. Nothing kills romance, or potential romance, if chicks think he's a daddy!

Anonymous said...

oh no beth, that sucks! I'd say that you son now owes you at least a dozen cat transports and cat sitting. Maybe on top of that you can get him to wipe the white cats bum a few

Steve Bartlett said...

This is such a simple problem, I'm surprised you asked me for advice. Well, here it is:

1. Kid has own car.
2. Kid drives own car.
3. The end.

You're welcome.

House of the Discarded said...

Steve: NOW you tell me!!!

Anonymous said...

Beth- I have an old car seat you can have!

Deb said...

Good luck with Gertie. I would adopt her in a minute if I didn't already have 6 cats. You're the best. Deb