Saturday, March 27, 2010

Frustrating Saturday

My hope for little "Moe" to go to his new home today were dashed by 12:20 this afternoon. His adopter was supposed to meet me at the shelter at noon. David and I paced back and forth and waited. We kept walking out into the lobby to see if she was sitting there. The adopter had my cell phone number, but the phone remained quiet.

I'm not sure why, but I decided to call my voicemail at home and there was a message from her at noon. "Um...Beth...I lost track of time. Sorry about that. Can you meet me out there tomorrow? Don't let Moe be euthanized until I can see him."

WHAT? You "lost track of time"??? I woke up this morning thinking about Moe's adoption. Why weren't you???

I could hardly face Moe who was sitting in his cage looking at me so expectedly. I had taken him out earlier and combed out his coat so he'd look cute for his new Mom. I told him she was coming soon. Shit. I couldn't go back and face him. I feel awful.
I really tried hard to keep a stiff upper lip over this thing with Moe. I'm absolutely furious that someone could be so rude. Certainly she has to know that I might have had something else to do today other than go to the shelter - AGAIN?

Fortunately, David and I had a good trip out there. We talked about important things and held hands.

Although things got pretty mucked up, I was still able to rescue a little girl named "Lizzy" for a foster very happy foster Mom:

Lizzy had been at the shelter for a month and was VERY happy to be saying "Goodbye" to that place. What a sweet little Tortie. :)

To Lizzy, it was an important, life changing day.

To Moe? I haven't forgotten about you.


Deb said...

This is why we love the animals. Try not to let this person weigh on you, she's not worth it. It probably isn't meant to be and that's why it plays out the way it does. I hope Moe has a bit more time to find that special person to share a wonderful life with. You do amazing work, I can't tell you enough.

Nicole Divitcoff said...

What the HELL!!!??? How can people be sooo damn inconsiderate! Ughh poor if he is just sitting there enjoying his time and NOT on death row every minute of the day!

whitesocks said...

Sorry, Beth (to both you and Moe). Sigh. Don't know how responsible a mommy that would have been anyway :(. Moe looks an absolute darling.

No news about Baby, right :(? I keep thinking about him.