Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The "Tour" and a Rescue

I was happy to meet two excited foster Moms at the shelter this afternoon to give them the grand tour and rescue a very sweet little Mom and her six newborn kittens:I had to laugh because these two ladies remind me so much of me and some of my friends when we're at the shelter together - DANGEROUS. We end up feeding off of each other's love of the cats. We hold up cats to each other and say things like, "Awwwwwwwwwww......should I? Can't you...? What's one more....?"

As we were leaving the shelter, some toothless guy in a backwards baseball hat arrived with a cat in a carrier saying, "Do you want him? He keeps shitting in my yard and we have a kid, ya know?"

"No. I don't know." (Who says "shitting" to people you don't even know anyway???)

I wanted to be a hero and take the cat. But there were too many others inside that had paid their dues and needed to be out more. I couldn't help but feel sorry for the poor black and white fluffy guy. One minute he's looking for girls, frolicking in the sun and the next minute he's in a dark, cold cage. I wonder what his outcome will be?

As usual, I came home and began to contact people to be the advocate for several of the cats that are at the shelter right now. Today was a euthanasia day and I was saddened to discover several of the cats that I had worked for didn't make it through the day.

The bright spot in the day was receiving a phone call from the body shop. My car was ready to be picked up! No more of my son's "Weed-Mobile". By the time all the damage was assessed, the bill came out to be $11,000.00! Wonder why the insurance companies charge so much for teenagers? *This* is why. I had to laugh - when I picked up my car there were FIVE cat carriers in it. The repair guys must've wondered what kind of bag-o-nuts owns that car! LOL

Not sure if I'm going to the shelter tomorrow. I have an adoption call on Moe (!!!) and although she still needs to talk with her husband, I'm hoping she'll call me tonight and say that she wants to meet the big guy. I felt like telling her, "Get out the French Maid Outfit!! He'll let you have the cat!!!"

Fortunately, I shut my yapper just in time.


Kristen said...

French Maid outfit..... LOL

Caroline said...

Beth, I'm so happy that you were able to get the Mom and her babies out. I was rooting for her. And on my birthday too, it was the best gift! PS Thanks for the birthday wishes on Facebook!

House of the Discarded said...

Caroline: I hope you have a WONDERFUL day! :)

Smartypants said...

Beth, I noticed on the TCR site that little Patty has been adopted! Great news. Also, I've been wondering about Chunk - how is he doing as the "shelter cat"? :)

Please keep us posted on Moe. I'm holding out for this to work out...

House of the Discarded said...

Smartypants: YES! Little Patty has been adopted. I understand it's a wonderful family :)

"Chunk" is living an awesome life as the "office cat" at the shelter. He gets tons (no pun intended) of attention and seems very happy.

Fingers are crossed for Moe! I'm sure trying.