Thursday, March 18, 2010

Back to the Shelter and an Urgent Plea

Despite still feeling horribly, I couldn't deny that I missed being at the shelter, and when a very nice sounding man came forward and offered to give Charleston a forever home...well...I couldn't say "no".

I don't know if some of you have some sort of rescue ESP, but as I drove out to the shelter, I received two phone calls from foster parents who wanted cats! Not only did Charleston get out of the shelter today, but this pretty little girl named "Juliana" also was rescued: One little guy named "Little Barnaby" will be rescued on Saturday. He still needs to complete his 3 days "stray time". Blah.

Charleston is having a fast and furious neuter this afternoon and going to his new home tonight. Many thanks to Kate and Garrett for playing stork for me and delivering him. I'm absolutely exhausted and so grateful for the help tonight.


I received an email from Kim this about a little guy named "Marvin":

One of the animal control officers picked up Marvin after he had been hit by a car. The officer thinks he has a broken hip, but unsure where the break actually is. Marvin is about 6 months old and I had the privilege of meeting Marvin today while at the shelter.

Oh. My. Gosh. Kim was right about Marvin.

When you *look* at Marvin he starts to purr and knead! You can see by his picture that he was kneading when his picture was taken too! Kim doesn't think Marvin has much of a chance of getting out of the shelter, but I felt like we've had some wonderful miracles lately and that maybe Marvin had a chance. Of course, not only does Marvin need a place to go, but he'll probably need surgery too. ($$)

If you can help Marvin with a foster home, forever home, or with medical expenses post-rescue, please let me know.


Joanne said...

Please, just get him out. I will send a donation for his surgery. Small but a start.... Can everyone else please come forward, give up a couple of coffees and get this little guy his surgery. Beth, you can do it.

HomeToMany said...

I am in for $100 for post rescue medical expenses.

Shannon said...

What a precious looking boy. I have a full house but he breaks my heart. My Ramsay came from that same shelter at about 10 months old with a broken pelvis. He's one of my foster failures and is such a grateful lovebug. I hope that he can have his second chance too.

HomeToMany said...

I am in for $100 of post-rescue medical expenses. Sorry if you recieved this post twice, my computer was doing something funny the first time I tried to send it.

Laura HP said...

Oh man, Marvin just looks like a gorgeous, sweet cat. If you get him out, I'd donate money toward his surgery/expenses!

I'm glad Charleston is getting out! Ha, I like the idea of 'rescue ESP', that'd be a useful skill.

Anonymous said...

If no one comes forward for Marvin tomorrow then I would hope the shelter would humanely euthanize him rather than let him hang on in pain.

Anonymous said...

Can donations be sent through the TCR website to help with Marvin's medical expenses or does he have to be fostered first?

Marielle said...

Hi Beth,

I've just sent you an email regarding Marvin. Pls let me know if you haven't received it.



House of the Discarded said...

Oh my gosh! It looks like we could end up with another miracle!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I'll update everybody tonight!


Patricia said...

Hi Beth,
I will donate some $$ for the medical expenses - looking forward to your update!!

Anonymous said...

I'm in for $100 in surgery money too. I've got some leftover animal funds from not having to pay for spaying on a new foster.


Anonymous said...

Matt and I will also donate $100 towards Marvin's post rescue medical bills :-)


Anonymous said...

Alas, I am perpetually broke and have many cats of my own, I am so thankful for the good-hearted people who come forward to help and for you Beth for making it all possible. Yay for Charleston! I am so glad he found his own place.

Just proves what works is connecting people who care with cats who need.

Christine Gittings said...

If he needs a foster home, we have room. Just let me know

We'll make a donation either way.

Anonymous said...

I'm in to help out it the same procedure as before with Peter? Just let me know


p.s how is Peter doing?