Monday, March 22, 2010

A Rescue and a #2 Fiasco

The morning threatened rain as I drove out to the shelter for a rescue. I hate it when it rains during a rescue. Lugging crying cats in carriers out of the shelter and loading them in the car makes things very uncomfortable.

There's a little guy at the shelter named "Elmo" that caught my attention - or maybe I should say he demanded my attention. Every time I walked by his little paw came out and hooked my new sweater. He is a 6 month old brown tabby. The foster Mom was looking for a teenager-type to play with her two teenager-type females. This guy is a party boy - I don't think she'll have to worry about a shrinking violet with Elmo. :)

I also rescued a VERY handsome declawed guy named "Donald". (Unfortunately, I wasn't able to capture the pictures off the shelter website) Donald is a HUGE orange and white guy. He really gave me a run for my money en route to his foster Mom:

As I'm almost to the arrival spot for Donald, I could hear his meows had changed slightly. He I turned quickly to discover he had somehow managed to partially open his crate and was stuck HALFWAY out and UPSIDE DOWN. He was dangling off the car's seat. I think I screamed out loud as I pulled over on a side street. By the time I pulled over and got out of the car, Donald was squatting on the floor of the car with diarrhea. Oh. My. Gosh! I usually have paper towels or something like that in my car. But I wasn't driving my car, so I found some Tim Horton's paper sacks and ended up flinging diarrhea all over the place.

The only plus side to this whole story, is that I was driving my son's car. Yes, the son who recently wrecked MY car. Needless to say, I cleaned it up...but...not too much. *evil laugh*

I also rescued these three little angels:

They were perfect little darlings through the whole trip. As always, I feel like Santa when I take them to their new foster home. These little guys are about 4-5 weeks old. I can't help but wonder if there's a Mom cat who is frantically looking for them.

Much to my delight, I logged onto Facebook when I got home and saw an "After" picture of these guys that must've been taken 1 hour after they arrived:

Do you see the halos over their heads? Neither do I, but I'm sure they're there somewhere. Pretty soon, they'll be sprouting horns. :)

I'll have some updates tomorrow and will probably be back at the shelter for another rescue. I'm still so sick...hard to believe it's day #8 of feeling like crap. David and I went to the walk-in clinic last night for antibiotics. I have a feeling that this is just a virus that's going to have to run it's course.

Fortunately, there's nothing like the smell of fresh cat poop in your car to clear your sinuses.


Anonymous said...

this is to funny. I had to laugh, as I was reading about the cat pooping in your sons car. I bet he puts some lysol wipes in there now! lol. :)

Anonymous said...

Best "after" picture I have ever seen. somebody put that on a Christmas card!

Anonymous said...

I am roaring with laughter about the cat pooping in your son's car! That'll teach him to wreck your car!

Anonymous said...

Ah, karma. That story about your son's car is priceless!

As is that after picture. Could that little orange and white guy have a cuter snout? I think not!

Julie said...

I LOVE little black furballs, they are too cute for words! not poop balls in my car but its really ironic it was your sons car :p

I was really not expecting the cat to get out of the carrier, its like he knew it wasn't your car...

I am reading this at work and burst out laughing. Good story!

HomeToMany said...


Sorry to post here, but I am looking for advice on cat dentistry. Do you have any recommendations? I have a cat that suffers from stomatitis and the last resort for her is to have all her teeth removed. I want to make sure that this is done well and at a reasonable cost of vet is a little high on the pricing if you know what I mean and a little "lazy" if you also know what I mean. Oh yes, did I mention this cat is semi-feral...because of course problems like this never occur in friendly cats that we can medicate on our own. :-( any advice (from anyone) would be appreciated.

House of the Discarded said...

"Home to Many": Please email me! Unfortunately, I'm way too experienced with Stomatitis. I'll be happy to tell you what I know.