Wednesday, March 31, 2010


There are very few things cuter than an orange kitten. I put a fun "Name that Kitten" on my Facebook page and had some great suggestions. My favourite was "Radar", thanks to Lisa D. who also reads this blog.

Look at those ears! Can you think of a better name than Radar? I couldn't either. :)

Radar has spent the past few days in The Land Of Dirty Underwear (my son's room) and is out and about with all the other cats today. There's been the usual hissing and overall ugliness from my cats.

I felt so badly because I showed him the basement litterbox and JUST as he was digging and about to use it for the first time, my big black cat Willie came up and hiiiiiiiiiiissed...the ugliest, spitty hiss just as Radar was about to squat. Looks like we might have a little delay in getting him to use the basement litterboxes. *sigh*
Radar meeting "Maggie"

It was a lovely surprise that David took the day off today. MANY thank you's to Kathleen who did my rescue today and made it possible for me to spend this beautiful day with my gorgeous hunk o' man. I called Kathleen at the last minute and asked her to rescue 4 cats. What a treat to have the day off!

I gave Kathleen a small list of cuties to rescue:


"Kittens B"


As I write this blog tonight, Radar is side-stepping with his tail poofed and his back arched - at nobody! There's not another cat in sight and he's having a ball looking like a bad-a$$.

Tomorrow, I have an update on Marvin! ....


Smartypants said...

I love the picture with your puppy smiling at the camera! ;)

Dog Foster Mom said...

I love the name Radar - so cute!! I might have to copy that for my next foster dog or cat with big ears, if that's okay. :-)